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The Cost of Buying Carpet Tiles

2021/6/3 19:17:47

Carpet tiles are a pleasing addition to a room. They can be installed in the living area, waiting rooms at commercial spaces, and so on. Carpet tiles come in different sizes, shapes, designs, patterns, and colors. However, before buying carpet tiles, the cost of any selection becomes the major deciding factor. So, as you decide to get carpet tiles to adorn your floors, you might want to take a step back to understand the influencing cost factors.



Carpet tile features

Carpet tiles are also known as carpet squares used as an alternative to rolled carpet. These tiles consist of a pile fiber wear layer made from nylon. The primary backing layer has a tufted yarn pile which is in turn tufted into secondary backing that provides rigidity and dimensional stability.

When selecting carpet tiles, one needs to consider the design scheme and the requirements of the finished floor. Other factors include the size and durability of the tiles. However, the benefits of carpet tiles make them a useful product.

  • They can be easily installed.

  • Several floor types can accommodate carpet tiles, including timber and concrete.

  • Individual titles can be removed for cleaning and replaced if damaged.

  • Custom-made carpet tiles are available based on colors and design schemes.

  • Most carpet tiles are stain-resistant.

Also, consider the drawbacks before making a buying decision.

  • The seams of carpet tiles are more visible. So, careful installation is required to avoid an uneven appearance.

  • Over time, they can lose their grip on the floor, curl up at the edges and lead to tripping accidents.

  • Carpet tiles are not easy to remove from the floor once installed.

  • They are not suitable when exposed to moisture.

  • They are more expensive than rolled carpet.

  • Perfect covering for office raised floor system

The cost of buying carpet tiles

Several factors control the cost of carpet tiles. 

1. Material 

The cost of the carpet tile is decided based on the price per square yard of the carpet. The price range starts from $10 – $18 per square yard area. It can go up to $45 – $50 per square yard for products of premium quality.  


2. Flooring prep

The basic flooring prep can cost nothing less than $5 – $7 per square yard. New constructions or new concrete slabs need a certain degree of preparation before introducing a new floor on top of it. On the other hand, retrofit projects require a lot more preparation. This is because the work of renovation or refurbishment of existing buildings involves the removal of old flooring, adhesives, etc. Old flooring may also contain asbestos and so, removal of the same adds to the cost before installing carpet tiles. Repair of any damaged areas, skim coating, and surface smooth processes are extra-cost additions. 


3. Labor cost

The labor costs for floor prepping can range from $3 to $9 per square yard. The labor cost for installation would be $5 per square yard.

The cost of labor for installation is linked to the overall time expected to perform the job. Other factors include the area selected, its challenges, and laying out the carpet based on its pattern, among other variables. The complexities of the job for installation related to the area selected play a major costing factor.

Floor prepping tasks included are:

  • Disassembling and moving furniture.

  • The tear-up, removal, or disposal of existing flooring.

  • Removing old adhesives from the subfloors by scraping, grinding, sanding, shot blasting, and other mechanical abrasion processes.

  • Sweeping and cleaning the floors before the new floor installations are carried out.

  • Patching and leveling the subfloors through the skim coating.

  • Applying sealants to the subfloor to encapsulate it and protect it from adverse chemical reactions with the adhesives.


4. Installation materials

Expect a cost of about $5 – $7 per square yard. The majority of the costing revolves around the adhesives used to keep the new carpet tiles stuck onto the floor beneath. This is because most manufacturers recommend the right type of adhesives and not just random products. The type of adhesive used for installation matters due to factors like their chemical non-reactivity, the project site’s ambient humidity, and other temperature variables.

 5. Moisture woes

You might be hit with a number as high as $55 per square yard. Hear us out first! The impact of moisture on installed floors raises a billion-dollar problem for the flooring industry. And if you recall, one of the drawbacks of carpet tiles is their vulnerability to moisture. Therefore, a moisture mitigation solution has been developed. This process involves sealing the floor with two-part epoxy. Some commercial carpets and flooring products are developed with the properties of withstanding ground moisture. In that case, subfloor prepping is not required. Some commercial carpets or carpet tiles are vapor-wicking. This means they allow the moisture vapor in the subfloor to travel through the carpet and evaporate without causing any damage.


We hope this guide can help you identify the areas where costs can be reduced without compromising on quality.