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Raised Floor Carpet, Raised Floor System With Carpet

Carpet is a great way to cover your raised floor panels. A suitable finish of floor panels can be found for any purpose, depending on practical and aesthetic properties. Perfect for data centers and offices. Easy peel and stick adhesive available. offers access floor systems carpet finished from factory. And there is a wide range of carpets marketed by Huiya raised floor manufacture as well as colours availability.

HuiYa Access Floor Carpet Components, Applications, Features

Our access flooring carpet is made of Woven Vinyl Material backed with PVC + Glassfiber inner, has unique design and textured look with multiple functions, such as Water-proof, Anti-bacterial, great Color-fastness to light and Easy-care, it contributes to the health, comfort and well being of people. Our raised floor carpet products are finished in three ways for customer to choose from, roll-packed in 200cm wide, floor tile pieces and shapes. Furthermore, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor, commonly used when an acoustic floor covering is needed mostly in office spaces, cultural buildings, theaters, auditoriums, etc.

Raised Floor Carpeting Characteristics

Access floor carpet covering has unique characteristic, which are often very consciously chosen. This is due to the following unique characteristics:

  • Heat insulating

  • Snuggly and luxury

  • Sound insulating

  • Anti-corrosion

  • Wear proof

  • Various colours and appearance available

  • Easy to clean

  • No pollution