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Weiss Raised Floor System - Top Grade Germany Access Floor Supplier

Weiss is the German market leader in flooring coverings and a major manufacturer of raised access floor products. It is a professional raised floor manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience. For many years, Weiss has been committed to providing customers in Germany and abroad with everything related to technical floors from a single source. For efficient raised floor systems, whether in smart offices or complex data centers, Weiss provides the perfect raised floor solution.

With a high standard of quality and technology, Weiss brings the Raised Floor system to the national & global market compatible with the most diverse types of coatings, providing the best option for commercial and technical environments. The flexible and intelligent of Weiss’ Raised Floor System allows to quickly access, relocate, expand and upgrade the equipment or the whole system.

Raised Floor Products Weiss Sales

  At Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH, a customer gets a state-of-the-art raised floor system that meets the ingenious logistics of every company that installs it. With the installation of Weiss’ raised floor system, the company can also keep adding features to meet the increasingly complex requirements.

  To ensure that the global demand and requirements are met, Weiss develops new products constantly in the room conditioning and air conditioning sectors. These new products play a significant role in the market since there is a constant demand for a range of services and products on the raised floor that meets the heat dissipation requirement.

Weiss offers a range of products that are categorized into the following

  Raised Floor: A wide variety of materials for the raised floor panels are offered for customers to choose from; they are:

  • Wood• Calcium Sulphate• Steel• Aluminium• Glass

  Active Panels: Within the spectrum of raised floor panels, Weiss is offering technologically advanced panels like:

  • Jet Panel• Hydrologic Panel• Hydrologic Panel V• Safe Panel

  Special Floors: Weiss offers a specially raised floor system to customers with some specific requirements. Some of the special flooring systems that they offer are:

  • Hollow Floor• Thermo Floor• Steel Ventilation Panel• Acoustic Panel

  Accessories: These raised floors, along with active panels need several, accessories for installation. Weiss offers a range of state-of-the-art accessories that ensures the best fittings of the panels:

  • Pedestals• Pedestals with C-Profile• Pedestals with Stringer

  Floor Covering: At Weiss, a customer can also get a range of floor covering to lay on top of the raised floor panels, active panels, or the special floors. Some of the coverings offered are:

  • HPL: High-Pressure Laminates• Carpet• Linoleum• Parquet• PVC• Rubber• Stone-Covering• Special Flooring

Why Use Weiss For Your Next Raised Floor System Project?

  Weiss has been developing projects on raised floor systems across Germany and around the world. The rapid development in the volume of data and how these buildings are constructed needs to ensure that infrastructure can adapt itself over time. This is applicable for both the existing data centers and the ones built now to suit the diverse requirement.

  Weiss ensures that the requirements are met by developing a new range of active panels that are innovative, where the air volume panel regulation can be controlled electronically.

  You can contact Weiss to install an innovative raised access floor system for your next project.

Advantages of Weiss Raised Floor System

  • Rich production experience

  • Robust quality assurance

  • The most cost-effective customized service

  • Diversified products adapt to different needs

  • Manufactured and tested according to a globally high standard

  • Technical support and assistance all time including installation

  • Greater production capacity

  • Quick and accurate installation

  • Ease of operation and low need for maintenance

  • Maintains level even after a long period of use

  • Maximize the optimization of Under Floor Air Conditioning and Cable Management

  • Help customers save energy consumption in required space and improve production efficiency

  • Greater convenience and time savings in reorganizing equipment, cables, etc. in technological

  • environments

Choose the below Weiss Raised Access Floors to achieve efficient flooring solution in your offices, workshops, call centers, computer rooms, IT rooms, command centers, and data centers:

Weiss Raised Floor Panels

Raised floors create an additional installation level. Depending on the application, for example, cables or wirings get managed through the space created by raised floor pedestals and panels. The easy and always available access to the installations at the raised floor panels allows high flexibility and allows almost unlimited changes of the floor configuration.

All Weiss raised floor panels are compatible with each other due to the uniform size of 600 x 600 mm.

These kinds of raised floor panels are preferred in offices and/or technical rooms:

  • In offices mostly to increase the flexibility of use. Because of the infinite variation possibilities, a continuous change of use is possible by placing partitions in different places.

  • In technical rooms, the raised floor can be used for cabling the switch cabinets underfloor, in data centers it serves as an active panel or steel ventilation panel for the air conditioning of the servers.

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