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Welcome to check out Huiya Raised Access Floor specifications, performances (load capacity) and technical data. 

As a professional access floor manufacturer and contractor with years of production experience, Huiya offers basic Raised Floor Systems in a variety of materials (all steel, aluminum, concrete-filled, and woodcore) and for vary of applications (data center, computer room, server room, modern office, OA office, clean room, outdoor, library, laboratory and more). Each Raised Floor System reaches a different specification and performance for adapting to special applications.

Raised Floor Specifications - Huiya Access Floor System

Huiya Access Floor System Specifications

To manufacturing the qualified and safety raised flooring systems and meet each customer’s requirements for different applications, Huiya has always been committed to producing raised floor in line with international standards such as the PSA (MOB PF2 PS/SPU) Specification, CISCA Standards (Recommended Test Procedures For Access Floors). 

In accordance with these internationally accepted industry technical specifications of Access Floors, we conduct rigorous testing of each raised floor panel before leaving the factory to ensure compliance with applicable industry manufacturing standards and provide true test reports to our customers.

PSA MOB PF2 PS (Spu) Specification - Raised Access Floor System Grade

BS EN 12825 Standard - Raised Floor Specifications

Raised Access Floor Specifications

What are Raised Access Floor Specifications (Standards)? Raised Floor System Specification set the standards and performance requirements for manufacturing access floors (false floors, platform floors), that create awareness and responsibility of access flooring suppliers for offering the successful long-term operation of raised floor system. As you know, the Raised floor system is made up of a panel and supporting understructure, which gives the system a specific set of load performance characteristics. Buildings require different loads based on the use in some areas, to meet a building’s specific requirements, various access floor panels and understructures giving different loading capacity are provided. Understanding specifications for all load performance requirements, including static loads, roll loads, dynamic loads, concentrated load and safety factors, is critical, which can help you appropriately choosing raised floors for your project. In addition, the specifications and details for constructing a well-sealed UFAD (Under Floor Air Distribution) is also important for the Raised Floors with Air Flow systems. Also, there are other performances such as anti-static, fireproof, moisture-proof are required for some specified areas. 

Huiya Raised Floor Specifications

So to help manufacturers produce the safe and long-life access flooring system for different industries using, internationally recognized Performance Specifications are developed and provided by some organizations, such as the Ceilings and Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA) Testing Procedures for Access Floor. Combine the common structural engineering techniques of access floor with these specifications to test Raised Flooring is critical!