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High Quality Loose Lay Vinyl Floor At The Best Wholesale Prices

Are you purchasing large quantities of loose vinyl flooring planks or tiles for your interior renovation projects, or looking for a trustworthy manufacturer to wholesale loose lay vinyl floors? Then you are right here. AccessFloorStore.Com provides the most reliable loose lay vinyl flooring supply to benefit you. First class quality thanks to outstanding loose-lay vinyl floor manufacturers. Fortunately for you, we have the largest selection of high-quality producers so that you have a range of options to meet your personal requirements.

What Is Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring?

Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring, basically it is actually loosely laid LVT flooring with rubber backing which can be simply installed in position on a floor without using glue or staples or any kind of ClickLock system, while the groove mechanisms to hold themselves in place. This means that it is simply for just about anyone is able to lay loose lay vinyl floor planks or tiles over top of existing flooring very rapidly. The loose lay planks/tiles are thicker and stronger than normal adhesive planks/tiles. Most of the time, the back is also equipped with a special anti-slip coating. The surface covering of loose lay vinyl flooring comes in a wide variety of designs, patterns and colors. Flat surfaces or floors that have already been covered are ideal for accommodating the new loose lay vinyl floor planks and tiles. 

Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring Planks.png

Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring Advantages

  • Can be installed/replaced quickly and easily if necessary, and laying is much cheaper;

  • Can be laid over top of existing flooring very rapidly the subsurface is not destroyed;

  • Hard-wearing structure result a multitude of possible uses in almost all areas;

  • Wide range of Innovative floor covering is available for every area, taste and furnishing style.

Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring Types & Application

There are two main types of Loose Lay PVC flooring are available according to shape:

  • Loose lay vinyl planks

  • Loose lay vinyl tiles

Like other design coverings, loose-lay systems are also available on the market in a wide variety of usage classes, meeting all requirements. Depending on the design, the vinyl planks or vinyl tiles can be laid in residential, commercial and industrial areas:

  • Private living areas

  • Offices, workshops, studios

  • Public facilities, shops and hotels

  • Trade fairs, exhibition halls

Loose Lay Vinyl Floor Specifications

Planks Specification (Dimension)

  • 3inch x 24inch (76.2mm x 609.6mm)

  • 3inch x 48inch (76.2mm x 1219.2mm)

  • 6inch x 48inch (152.4mm x 1219.2mm)

  • 9inch x 36inch (228.6mm x 914.4mm)

  • 7inch x 48inch (177.8mm x 1219.2mm)

  • 9inch x 48inch (228.6mm x 1219.2mm)

Planks Surface Embossing

  • Plain/deep/hand scraped

Tiles Specification (Dimension)

  • 18inch x 18inch (457.2mm x 457.2mm)

  • 18inch x 36inch (609.6mm x 914.4mm)

  • 12inch x 24inch (304.8mm x 609.6mm)

  • 24inch x 24inch (609.6mm x 609.6mm) 

  • Tiles Surface Embossing (Dimension)

Tiles Surface Embossing

  • Carpet/slate/orange peel

Loose Lay Vinyl Thickness

  • 4.5mm/5.0mm/6.0mm

Wear Layer

  • 0.3/0.5/0.7mm

Backing Design

  • Special anti-slip wave shape

Loose Lay Vinyl Floor Back.png

Best Loose Lay Vinyl Floor Suppliers On AccessFloorStore.Com

Loose Lay Vinyl Floor is the latest innovative, decorative and sustainable collection in the home renovation market. Due to its adhesive-free self-laying properties, in contrast to other laying systems, it can be installed & replaced quickly without gluing down. Thanks to its high inherent weight, the design flooring, which is available in tile and plank format, can simply be laid end to end on the sub-floor. On AccessFloorStore.Com, we offer durable economical Loose Lay Vinyl Floors which are perfect suitable flooring solution for numerous interior areas. You can now wholesale brand-quality loose-lay vinyl tiles and planks on AccessFloorStore.Com, we provide you a best price guarantee as well as a quick and uncomplicated purchase process.