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Huiya Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring  - Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles

Self-adhesive Vinyl Planks & Tiles are a new generation of flooring that combines the charm of surfaces such as ceramic and wood with the delicacy of a high-end floor, in addition to offering remarkable acoustic comfort and ease of use. The Peel and Stick PVC Floor and Self Adhesive Vinyl Tiles are easy to install and their modular nature allows unlimited creativity in the design of its decor. Thanks to the latest technologies and complex processes, Huiya Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring is gaining popularity, especially with the arrival of new materials whose appearance and finish compare favorably to high-end coverings. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, our Peel and Stick flooring is very affordable and proves to be a very profitable investment.

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Huiya Self-Adhesive/Peel & Stick Vinyl Flooring


  • Self Stick Vinyl Planks Size: 6inch x 36inch(152m x 914m)

  • Self Adhesive Vinyl Tiles Size: 12inch x 12inch(304m x 304m)

  • Thickness: 1.5m (1.8m/2.0m/3.0m)

  • Wear Layer Thickness: UV 0.7m (0.1m/0.15m/0.2m/0.3m)

  • Plank surface emboss: deep wood/plain 

  • Tile surface emboss: carpet texture/slate

  • Surface coating: UV coating (7gram/2)

  • Surface glossiness: matt (4-6) / semi matt (8-12) / glossy (18-2)

  • Material: 10% virgin material Backing design: release paper

  • Backing Glue: 45gram/m2

  • Quality: CE&ASTM certificate


  • 6P Standard

  • ASTM F1700 Standard

  • ASTM E648-15e1 Standard

  • CE Protocol

  • MSDS/SDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

  • RoHS Directive 201165EU

Self Adhesive Vinyl Planks & Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles.jpg


The hard-wearing, flexible properties of the material, combined with numerous useful technical quality features, make Huiya Peel and Stick Vinyl Flooring a real all-rounder:

  • 1. High Performance-price Ratio: 100% virgin vinyl material used, come with durable wear layer and strong viscosity, affordable qualified self-adhesive LVT for floors and walls.

  • 2. Great Performance: Ecological PVC, with adhesive backing, transparent three-dimensional texture, non-slip wear-resistant, solid wood texture, more comfortable foot, eco-friendly, formaldehyde-free, flame retardant, moisture resistant, and anti-fouling.

  • 3. Free DIY: You can DIY the floor yourself. You can adapt the floor to the size you need according to your needs, freely choosing the pattern of your choice, perfect interior decoration products.

  • 4. Diverse Product Options: Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, patterns, and specifications, Huiya stick on vinyl flooring is very affordable and proves to be a very profitable investment.

  • 3. Easy to install: Self-adhesive PVC floor without glue, the quick installation you can stay in new rooms, no need to wait. You even can do it by yourself and save the cost of hiring a professional installer. Strong adaptability ensures it can be installed on a cement floor, old floor surface, terrazzo floor, tiled floor, heated floor, and raised floor in private or public places.

  • 4. Wide Applications: Suitable for a variety of indoor spaces, a variety of decoration styles, mainly used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, shop, studio, office, hotel, restaurant, and other space interior decoration.

Self-adhesive Vinyl Planks & Tiles Features.jpg

Packing & Shipment (Carton, Pallet & Loading)

  • Specification: 6inch x 36inch x 1.5mm (152.4mmx914.4mmx1.5mm)

  • m²/plank: 0.13935m²(1.5sq.ft.)

  • planks/carton: 36

  • m²/carton: 5.02(54sq.ft)

  • cartons/pallet: 78 

  • pallets/20ft container: 20 

  • m²/20ft container: 7826 (84239sq.ft.) 

  • N.W./G.W. (kgs/20ft): 22304/23478 

  • CBM/20ft container: 20m³

  • Specification: 6inch x 36inch x 2.0m (152.4mx914.mx2.0m)

  • m²/plank: 0.1395m²(1.5sq.ft)

  • planks/carton: 30

  • m²/carton: 4.18 (45sq.ft)

  • cartons/pallet: 72

  • pallets/20ft container: 20

  • m²/0ft container: 602(6480sq.ft)

  • N.W/G.W (kgs/20ft): 2876/2408

  • CBM/20ft container: 20m³

  • Specification: 12inch x 12inch x 1.5m (304.8mx304.8mx1.5m)

  • m²/tile: 0.92m2(1.0sq.ft)

  • tiles/carton: 36

  • m²/carton: 3.4(36sq.ft)

  • cartons/pallet: 17

  • pallets/20ft container: 20

  • m²/0ft container: 7826(84239sq.ft)

  • N.W/G.W (kgs/20ft): 2304/23478

  • CBM/20ft container: 20m³

  • Specification: 12inch x 12inch x 2.0m (304.8mx304.8mx2.0m)

  • m²/tile: 0.92m²(1.0sq.ft)

  • tiles/carton: 25

  • m²/carton: 2.3(25sq.ft)

  • cartons/pallet: 17

  • pallets/20ft container: 20

  • m²/0ft container: 583(5802sq.ft)

  • N.W/G.W (kgs/20ft): 240/23410

  • CBM/20ft container: 20m³

What Is Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor or PVC Floor?

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles or Peel and Stick PVC tiles belong to the type of stick on vinyl flooring, are approximately 1.5mm-3.0mm thick vinyl flooring in plank or tile form that has a self-adhesive backing that is covered with a peel-off film. Similar to a sticker, the foil is peeled off when laying and the self stick luxury vinyl tiles are simply butted against the flat and clean surface.

Self-adhesive Vinyl Plank or Peel and Stick LVT is a practical and easy-to-use alternative to PVC floor covering in roll format. Thanks to the format, even amateur craftsmen can easily lay it. This not only saves you money for professional floor installers, but you can also determine the time of the renovation yourself. In addition to classic floor coverings such as carpet or laminate, PVC flooring is particularly attractive for use in private living areas - but also in your office, leisure place, and many other commercial areas.

Advantages of Self Adhesive PVC Tiles or Vinyl Planks

  • Economical and practical for a wide range of applications: Self-adhesive PVC floor inherits all the advantages of LVT, such as wear-resistant, waterproof, dirt-resistant, non-flammable, anti-bacterial, easy to clean and maintain. But it is one of the easiest to install because of its own rubber surface.

  • Low installation height: Self-adhesive PVC tiles are ideal renovation floors, because with a total thickness of only approx. 1.5-3 mm, they can be installed without annoying sanding of doors.

  • Large selection of designs: Self-adhesive LVT is available in numerous types of wood, stone and tile decors as well as creative designs. Thanks to the modern digital printing process and structured surfaces, the imitations are so authentic that they hardly differ from the original.

  • Easy & quick to install: If the surface is flat and dust-free, the self-adhesive vinyl tiles are laid directly on it. A primer can also be used to increase the adhesive strength.