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Aluminum Raised Floor Panels | Aluminum Access Flooring System

Made of high strength and pure die-cast aluminum as the base material, die-casted by a large-scale hydraulic press and precision machined, the aluminum raised floor panels to have superior mechanic strength performance. Aluminum Raised Floor can be epoxy-sprayed or nickel-chromium plated as needed and the upper surface is pasted with HPL or PVC to achieve the excellent performance of light gloss, anti-corrosion, and anti-wear.

Aluminum Raised Access Floor Panels will not be deformed by water immersion and moisture, and will not corrode, so its service life is long. Aluminum has great fire performance due to it is a non-combustible non-combustible metal material. The aluminum raised floor tile has a high recycling value and refurbishment and reuse value, mainly used in the high demanding workplace. The grid structure of the plate can effectively disperse the weight of the mechanical equipment, each aluminum access floor tile is accurate in size, convenient to exchange and durable, can meet the load-bearing needs of clean rooms, aerospace center, military command headquarter, data center and other specialized areas.

HuiYa Aluminum Access Floor Panels & Tiles

As one of the largest access floor manufacturers and suppliers in China, Changzhou Huiya Decoration Material Co., Ltd has supplied over millions of square meters of access floor for large enterprises. Our excellent quality, thoughtful after-sales service, and competitive aluminum raised floor panel price always ensure our customers' benefit! We can customize the solution according to local conditions, help customers save aluminum access floor costs while ensuring high quality and purchase the most satisfactory raised floor at the most affordable price.


Our die-cast aluminum raised floor panels are divided into a perforated type and blind plate type (without venting holes), are widely used in data centers, computer rooms, educational facilities, the casinos, clean rooms, libraries, and specialized areas. 


  • The excellent substrate and conductor in the anti-static floor series can release static electricity to the ground in a short time.

  • Lightweight, performance is not attenuated. Surrounding support, integrated structure, super load-bearing and pressure resistance, up to 1.5 tons of load-bearing per square meter.

  • Using superglue to paste the veneer, no foaming, no degumming, effectively prevent static electricity, high strength, and wear resistance.

  • High-grade environmental protection, products can be recycled and reused, with no depreciation.

  • Blind plate type or perforated type with different ventilation can be selected according to the use environment.

Aluminum Raised Floor Weight & Loading Capacity:

System Performance Criteria (Tested on Actual Understructure)
System Type
UnderstructureDesign LoadUltimate LoadSafety Factor10 Passes10,000 Passes
Aluminum Floor (AF1000)Bolted Stringer12.3bs/ft2 (60kg/m2)

1250 lbs (570kg)

Min. 2000 lbs (908kg)

Min. 2

1000 lbs (454kg)

1000 lbs (454kg)

150 lbs (68kg)