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Raised Floor Dampers For Perforated Panels & Ventilation Grilles

Raised floor damper is one of the most important raised floor accessories of airflow control system, so it is also be called airflow damper, or vent damper. Adjustable dampers assembled to raised floor perforated panel, ventilation grilles are devices that use adjustable blades (contained in a square or rectangular frame) to regulate the airflow and air pressure, in order to balance the Access Floor HVAC/UFAC system. With Adjustable Floor Vent Dampers applied on the raised floor airflow panels, you can control the flow of air by delivering air only to load presented areas, and confining airflow to non-load presented spaces, so that you don't waste air on places that need less cooling. 

HUIYA Raised Access Floor Dampers - Vent Dampers.jpg

Benefits of Using Dampers To Raised Floor Perforated Airflow Panels

  • Can be adjusted for use in air mixing zones for heating and cooling air;

  • Balance the flow of air throughout the raised floor system;

  • Regulate air pressure under the raised floor and in room;

  • Helps more efficiently redirect the forced air somewhere else in your room;

  • Conducive to fire prevention and heating applications;

  • Maintain air quality and provide worker safety;

  • Reduces energy expenditure at the CRAC unit level.

Huiya Raised Access Floor Dampers Offer Long-Term Effective Airflow Control

Huiya provides durable and affordable dampers for using on raised floor perforated ventilation panels, which are and effectively help you control airflow for year round comfort by integral to the control of cool, warm, high temperature, dirty, or even toxic air. Additionally, what makes Huiya floor dampers the best choice for large and complicated raised floor systems (data center, server room, computer room) are the variety of designs available, this allows you the flexibility to pick the types of access floor air control & balance dampers best suited for your industrial processing system.

Advantages of Huiya Floor Dampers

  • Durable, flexible, functional, long server life and affordable

  • Top grade material to withstand extreme conditions

  • Easy handling, adjustable from top without removing raised floor panel

  • Offer the maximum range of airflow, great performance on energy saving