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ESD tiles have been gaining popularity due to their benefits. The tiles are highly effective in reducing electrostatics risk in buildings. Some buildings house expensive electronics. The electronics should be protested by reducing the electrostatic charges. They can be installed in different stores where you would like to reduce the electrostatic charges, and they are very helpful. On This Reason, ESD TILES Produced to Use in this Area and Application. Our Huiya Esd Tiles are easy to install and can last over 10 years. Areas, where people have high-value electronics and would like to protect them can rely on the tiles. They are high-quality ESD tiles developed to assure building owners the highest level of protection. Get high-quality ESD tiles, and they will work perfectly in your everyday life and they will work perfectly to make the building safe. 


What is ESD Tiles

The electrostatic discharge tiles are high-quality flooring in the form of tiles that are highly effective in protecting electronics from the damage caused by the static electricity in buildings. As people walk in buildings, they tend to create electrostatic charges that can affect the flooring quality. The application of high-quality tiles reduces the risk of electrostatics. They are made out of graphite, carbon, metal-coated particles, and other elements that create electrical pathways from the walking surfaces to the ground. How to reduce electrostatic discharge and Electrostatic damage?   ESD tiles are the product you need in this building application. HUIYA ESD TILE can prevent Electrostatic charge generation making floors safe. 

Huiya ESD Static Conductive Vinyl Floor Tile

Product Description

Huiya Static ESD Tile is composed of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, coupling agent, conductive material, and other substances. It conducts electricity by using the static conductive network formed between the plastic particle interface and has a permanent antistatic function. The 2-3 mm homogeneous material incorporates carbon encapsulated granules throughout its full thickness and has a conductive backing to ensure optimal and consistent conductive properties throughout its full life expectancy.

Static Conductive Performance

The product operates in accordance with EOS and ANSI / ESD STM 7.1 (point-to-point and point-to-ground resistance, EOS / conductive 7.1, 25,000-1,000,000 Ohms), demonstrating consistent dissipation from a 5000-volt load to 0 volts in less than 0.01. Conductive PVC tiles allow to install with raised floor panels on top of copper tape to guarantee all its properties.


  • ESD TILES Size: 600 x 600mm, 590 x 590mm, 610x610mm

  • ESD TILES Thickness: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm

how to install esd tiles.jpg


  • Durable, practical, and economical covering especially for ESD Building Application

  • Permanent static protection and electrical range 2.5×10^4Ω to 1.0×10^6Ω

  • Consistent static conductive performance throughout the space

  • Excellent chemical, abrasion, and puncture resistance

  • Moisture mitigating and waterproof underlayment available

  • Monolithic and sanitary

  • No waxing required, great life cycle value


What is the advantages and disadvantages of ESD Tiles

  There are several benefits associated with the ESD tiles. It is essential to check out the several benefits associated with the tiles before buying. Here are some of the common benefits you will enjoy after you decide to buy high-quality ESD tiles.

  The Advantages of using ESD Tiles

  Easy to install and maintain

  The ESD tiles are manufactured to take the shortest time during installation. There will be no mess or downtimes in your company after you decide to come up with high-quality tiles. ESD Tiles are manufactured to assure homeowners value for money. You can get these conductive vinyl tiles, and they will contribute to making you enjoy the best experience. They add value to any business premise.

  High durability

  The ESD tiles are made out of highly durable materials. Those looking for tiles that can last longer can count on the tiles to assure them great durability. They are high-quality tiles manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. Try the ESD Vinyl tiles, and they will contribute to making you enjoy value for money in the process. The carefully designed esd tiles are very reliable. They are made out of durable materials that make them last longer. They can last for several years under minimal maintenance.

  Appearance retention

  Sometimes it is necessary to have ESD tiles that can retain their great appearance for long. The high-quality esd tiles are designed to assure premise owners great aesthetic appeal. They are carefully designed to allow users the best experience. Get the Conductive ESD vinyl tiles, and they will make the interior space look great. They are available in different designs; choose the perfect design that can make the interior space look great. 

  Easy to remove ESD Tiles when installed in leased spaces

  Some business owners lease spaces. They need to protect their high-value electronics against electrostatic charges. The tiles are made to be very safe and reliable in such applications. They are high-quality tiles that are carefully designed to allow users to enjoy the highest level of security. Get the ESD tiles, and they will be very safe for everyday use. The tiles come in a high-quality design that assures users the best experience. You can count on the tiles, and they will work towards making you enjoy a safe interior space where the workers will work without stress. They are easy to install and remove. You can install them in any space and remove them for other applications after the lease is over. The tiles are very durable and of the highest quality standards.

  Anti-slip properties

  The ESD tiles are made to revisit slippage. It is an excellent step because workers will not worry about slippage as they walk on the floor. They are high-quality tiles that are developed to meet the highest quality standards. Those looking for tiles that can assure them great experience can always rely on the tiles. They are developed to meet the highest quality standards. If you are looking for tiles that can assure you a great experience, then buy the tiles. They are developed to work well for everyday life. You will have a floor that meets the highest safety standards after buying the tiles. Many factory floors prefer anti-slip tiles. The tiles can work well in such setups to assure business owners the highest comfort level.

  Works for Class 7 & 8 cleanrooms

  The ESD tiles can be installed in class seven and eight cleanrooms due to their high-quality standards. There will be no stress after you decide to buy them for your cleanrooms. They have passed through several tests to ensure they are safe and of the highest quality standards. Buy high-quality Huiya ESD tiles, and they will be a great way to realize the value in your premises. They have been passed through several tests to make them very practical. There are several areas where the tiles have been installed, and they have been of great help. The tiles are made to meet the highest quality standards from the reviews that several users offer. Buy the high-quality tiles, and they will contribute towards assuring homeowners enjoy value for money in the process.

the advantages of esd tiles.jpg

  Disadvantages of ESD Tiles

  Before buying the ESD tiles, it is essential to check out the different drawbacks. Different manufacturers make the tiles. Choose the best manufacturers, and you will get high-quality tiles that will work to meet the highest quality standards. Buyers of the tiles tend to enjoy value for money because the tiles are made to meet the highest quality standards.

  Some of the drawbacks associated with the ESD tiles are:

  It May does not work for rolling heavy items

  If the floor experiences heavy luggage rolling, they may peel off. They are not ideal for factories that handle high traffic. Check out the weight limits of the different tiles before buying.

  Requires highly experienced professionals

  The tiles require highly skilled experts to install. Hiring experts to install them can lead to added charges. The tiles come in special designs that require experienced personnel to install them to achieve the highest level of electrostatic discharge properties.


Why use ESD tiles in industry

There are several reasons why you need to start using the tiles. Some of the reasons that make the tiles preferred in everyday applications are:

Protects against electrostatic discharge

It saves on the maintenance cost because they are highly durable

Prevents damage to expensive equipment through static dissipative features

4. How to use ESD tiles

There are three main methods used to install the ESD tiles. Some of the methods to follow during the installation process are:

Adhesive installation

The ESD tiles are installed to meet the highest quality standards. The adhesive installation involves the application of tiles to the subfloor where the adhesive surfaces under the tiles will make them stick to a place. It is an easy process that will take the experts a few minutes to install. It does not require downtime.

Glue free installation

In the case of glue-free installation, the tiles do not require glue to install. They have special substrates underneath them that bond the ESD tiles to the floor. The binding process is not permanent; it can be removed when needed.

Glue down installation

The installation works for raised flooring. If you are a way to get the tiles installed fast, then the glue-done method assures the fastest and most effective installation process.

There are different tiles to get; go for high-quality tiles that will work perfectly to assure you the best electrostatic discharges.


5. What Is ESD Flooring, How Does It Work, and Why Do We Need It?

ESD Flooring is a type of tile that has electrostatic dissipation properties. They are necessary for areas where there are high-value electronics that can be affected due to high static charges. They work through dissipating electrostatic charges through the interconnected particles that lead them away from the surfaces.

6. ESD Tiles Application

ESD Conductive Vinyl Flooring Tile is a type of high-quality homogeneous vinyl flooring intended to prevent, mitigate, dissipate, conduct, remove or ground excessive static electricity charges on people, furniture, mobile carts, and equipment. With the incorporation of carbon particles or other minerals in their construction and an exclusive conductive layer completely covered on the back.

The ESD tiles are applied in cleaning rooms to achieve the highest level of cleanness. They are made to meet the highest cleanness standards. Other areas where the tiles can be applied include areas such as:

Computer training rooms

The computer rooms house several high-value systems. The systems should be protected from electrostatics.

Data warehousing

In data warehousing, you will need the tiles. They create the perfect protection against electrical discharges due to electrostatics.

Electronics Manufacturing

The floors should be safe. You prevent fire and other types of accidents related to an electric shock after using the tiles on the floor.

Electronic testing labs

Areas, where the electronics are tested, should have electrostatic safe floors. Get the tiles and they will create the perfect floor for effective protection.

Healthcare settings

There are some health settings where they use high-value electronics. The use of the electrostatic protections tiles ensures the floors are very safe.