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Raised floor grommets is a useful access floor accessory designed for placing and running the wires and cables under the floor system, providing a solution to seal small openings in a new or existing flooring cutout for airflow blocking. Without raised floor cable grommet, a large part of bypass airflow, refers to the conditioned air supplied by cooling units, can't reach the IT equipment in the data center before it's returning because of the unsealed floor openings, which will cause inefficient cooling devices, increasing infrastructure costs and more losses. So, the grommet is a necessary accessory for the data center access floor system

HuiYa Raised Floor Grommets - Access Floor Round, Square, Integral & Brush Grommets is an experienced flooring product manufacturer and supplier, offering high quality HuiYa access floor grommets including different shapes and structures for multiple application uses, for example, the raised floor brush grommet can effectively prevent dust from entering, and raised floor round grommet equipped with a rotating cover that can close firmly around cables to not only prevent thin objects dropping in and protect cords when they pass through the access floor, but also avoid tripping hazards to people walking nearby.

Application of Our Raised Access Floor Grommets

The raised floor wire grommet can be applied in Data center, Casino, Office Building, Computer rooms, programmed control equipment rooms, Industrial cleanroom, electrical-controlled classrooms, places that have requirements of dust-proof and anti-static, and fields with aerial requirements.

Main Types of Our Raised Floor Grommets

  • Raised Floor Round Grommet

    Raised Floor Round Grommet

  • Raised Floor Square Grommet

    Raised Floor Square Grommet

  • Raised Floor Integral Grommet

    Raised Floor Integral Grommet

  • Raised Floor Round Brush Grommet

    Raised Floor Round Brush Grommet

  • Raised Floor Surface Brush Grommet

    Raised Floor Surface Brush Grommet

  • Raised Floor Split Integral Grommet

    Raised Floor Split Integral Grommet

Benefits of Our Access Floor Grommets

  • Allows cabling access through the raised access floor.

  • Adjustable to all raised floor systems.

  • Prevents dust and other thin objects from entering.

  • Protect people walking nearby to leave the danger of tripping.

  • Thickened cover plate and strong structure to ensure high durability and strength.

  • Great load-bearing capacity.

  • Multiple options for different cables and access floor applications requirements. 

How To Install 4" Round Grommet in Raised Floor Tiles To  Improve Thermal Management Efficiency:

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