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HuiYa Cleanroom Raised Flooring - Best Clean Room Raised Floor & Dust Free Floor

Clean Rooms are usually required in a high-tech environment, which should keep no dirt, no particulates, while most contamination would be on the floor, in order to create a totally clean and ideal purification workshop, Huiya Clean Room Raised Floor products are designed based on the requirements, featuring all-steel anti-statistic raised floor, aluminum access floor, and all-steel perforated anti-static raised floor as well as the corollary equipment. is a top access floor manufacturer developed the best anti-statistic floor series to provide the customized flooring service and designs for high-end data room construction.

What Can HuiYa Clean Room Floor Do?

  • The aluminum access floor contains no ferrous materials to protect magnetic fields.

  • The perforated panels provide optimum laminar air flow.

  • High load-bearing capacity and durability.

  • Suitable for the matching use of clean room and equipment, to remove or reduce the microscopic particles on the clean room raised floor, tiles, and panels. 

What Can Huiya Offer For Clean Room Raised Access Floors?

  • Low Cost. HuiYa has the leading product cost control skill and rich experience of access floor and auxiliary materials in the computer room and clean room, which makes the computer room and clean room flooring system have a high performance-price ratio. So customers can get more satisfying clean room raised floors with a cost-effective price and good quality. 

  • Professional Team. HuiYa specializes in the installation of Engineering of Electronic Equipment Plant and Clean-up Engineering, we have a professional construction engineering team with rich installation experience and an advanced field management system in the installation of a large data center and clean room floors.

  • Product Diversification. HuiYa has abundant clean room floor and raised floor accessories (customized bracket, cross brace, self-adhesive copper foil, homogeneous and permeable anti-static PVC floor, auxiliary materials), providing customers with a complete set of raised floor, design and maintenance project. 

  • Best Service. HuiYa has the best after-sales customer service for raised access floor of EEEP and dust free floor project for cleanroom. The service content includes program return visit, floor product maintenance and improvement of service record.