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Calcium Sulphate Flooring System - Calcium Sulphate Raised Access Floor

Calcium Sulphate floor, which is also called Calcium Sulfate floor, made of non-toxic and unbleached plant fibers as reinforcement materials, combined with solidified calcium sulphate crystals, and through pulse pressing process. Calcium Sulphate floor has lots of advantages and characteristics in environmental protection, fire prevention, high strength, and smoothness, so it's an important raised access floor that widely used in computer rooms, clean workshop and other places which have requirements for anti-static electricity in telecommunications, power electronics, medicine and other industries. In developed countries and regions, the demand and used amounts of Calcium Sulphate access floor is very large, which has exceeded the engineered floor and become the first choice of designers. 

HuiYa Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor - Calcium Sulfate Access Floor Manufacturer is a top raised access floor manufacturer and supplier, which integrates research and development, production, sales and service of Calcium Sulfate floor, Anti-static floor, OA network access floor, All-steel raised floor, Cement floor, floor panels, pedestals, carpet and more kinds of flooring products. Our store provides Calcium Sulphate floor of multiple materials and applications, covering Calcium Sulphate Stone Raised Floor, Calcium Sulphate Galvanized Steel Raised Floor, Calcium Sulphate HPL Raised Floor, Calcium Sulphate Nature Wood Raised Floor and more, you can check each type of floor details on the top of the page.

Application of Our Calcium Sulfate Floor

Our Calcium sulphate raised floor has a variety of decorative surface finishes to choose from. You can select one or more of them according to your preferences or actual needs. Calcium Sulphate Galvanized steel raised floor, characterized by protecting the core, is mainly used in intelligent buildings or high-end office space; Calcium Sulphate HPL raised floor, characterized by antistatic, mainly used for various types of computer rooms; Calcium Sulphate Stone Raised Floor is mainly used for high-grade decorative occasions; Calcium Sulphate Nature Wood Raised Floor, mainly used in high-end offices.

Features and Advantages of Our Calcium Sulphate Floor Products

  • High strength and resistance, permanent flatness.

  • Good sound insulation, fireproof and waterproof performance, water immersion does not deform it.

  • Floor panel edges are laminated with ABS edge or PVC band.

  • Various options for decorative floor covering and finishes according to your preferences and applications.

  • Easy to move and install, save the time and cost.

  • Elevated physical and mechanical performance.

Calcium sulphate floor panels with multiple floor coverings at your disposal.