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Huiya Ceramic Raised Floor System - Functionality and Aesthetics To Your Building

Thanks to this innovative raised technical paving system with a factory-installed ceramic finish, Ceramic/Porcelain Raised Floor increase the aesthetics and functionality of your building! produced with an elaboration unique, with Huiya ceramic access floor system, any type of construction is going to recreating excellent technical characteristics and high durability over time, but also interpreting contemporary taste for modern places by making the warmth of more classic environments with finishes similar to natural materials (wood and marble).

Ceramic Raised Floor System - Access Floor With Ceramic/Porcelain Tile Finish

Ceramic/Porcelain Raised Floor is referred to as the raised floor panel covered with a ceramic stoneware finish. By improving the traditional ceramic tile paving method, 10mm+ thickness anti-static ceramic tile is glued and assembled to 35-40mm thickness all-steel or calcium sulfate raised floor panels directly through a thermo-fusion process. Ceramic tile covered with finish, marble or others meets customer's requirements. The edge is 4 pieces of black PVC along each side of the panel. 

Huiya Ceramic/Porcelain Raised Access Floor Advantages

Huiya has selected the materials that best meet the most varied demands of architects and designers, combining aesthetic demands with the technical benefits of the raised floor.

  • Permanent and stable resistance to anti-static property, to the system and to the surface: 106-9 

  • Excellent heat resistance, the antistatic property maintains the same temperature 1000 ° C;

  • High load capacity, PEI V ceramic tile to use for especially strong traffic and where large amounts of abrasive dirt can reach;

  • Abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance;

  • Non-combustible, Class A fire resistance;

  • The ceramic tile is anti-aging;

  • Absorb noise, soundproofing, shockproof; 

  • Non-toxic, non-radiative and environmentally friendly.

Huiya Ceramic Access Floor Panel Application

Porcelain raised floor is mainly applied in office, commercial business, exhibitions, workshops, control rooms, converting rooms, electronics manufacturing factory, cleaning rooms and telecom rooms.