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HUIYA Low Profile Raised Floor System Benefits Your Business Interiors

Huiya is one of the leading Low Profile Raised Floor manufacturers in the global market. We design and produce complete line of low profile access floor panels, pedestals, under structure and accessories in meeting specific requirements in the modern offices, schools, hotels, institutions, and commercial interiors such as 5A offices, call centers, stores, casinos, and etc. Professional technical support and special customization for low profile raised access floor to valuable customers make your projects more profitable and budget-friendly. 

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Low Profile Raised Access Floor System

Low Profile Raised Floor System is kind of modular raised floor, which is composed of lightweight high strength steel encapsulated panels in-filled with light weight cement or calcium sulphate and coated with epoxy powder, attached with flexible cable management trenches and optional electrical/data floor boxes. This Low-Profile Wire Management Flooring System provides large cable capacity and easy routing while retains maximum ceiling height. It is very suitable to apply in commercial interiors with the intelligent and cost-effective cable management system, whether used in a new construction, renovations or integrated into existing spaces. What’s more, Huiya Low Profile Access Floor offers easy maintenance access for upgrades and repairs, accommodating a variety of floor coverings to decorate the space.

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Low Profile Raised Floor System Structure & Specifications

  • Our Low Profile Access Floor Model: LP500-800, LP500-1000

  • Low Profile Panel Size & Material: 500mm x 500mm x 28mm steel cementitious or calcium sulphate structured access floor panel

  • Cable Trenches: Power, data and voice cables, or even facility pipes are organized distributed, and extended through Cable Trenches

  • Base Connector: Connect 4 pedestals (support one corner of four panels), no adhesives required

  • Built-in Pedestals: 40 mm-76 mm (1.57”- 3.00”) height, 4 pedestals on four corners of the panel fixed on the base connector to support one panel

  • Central Cap: Install on the intersection of Cable Trenches

  • Flank Cap: Install on Cable Trenches

Low Profile Raised Floor Panel.jpg

Low Profile Access Floor Load Capacity

Low Profile Raised Floor Load Capacity (Size:500×500×28mm)


Concentrated   Load







Rolling   Load



























Low Profile Raised Floor Advantages

  • Cost-effectively and High Quality. Save time and cost for install, upgrade and maintenance. All components are recycled and reusable.

  • Heavy Duty quick-connect steel panels. Extremely strong with a load-bearing capability exceeding 17,000 to 23,000 Lbs per square foot. 

  • Easy to change layout and cable wiring. Intelligent cable management system and maximum cable capacity, easy routing, and extension of wires.

  • Infinite flexibility, completely adaptable for new construction and existing office buildings. It is an ideal solution for office flooring.