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Stylish & Quality Nylon Carpet Tiles Wholesale - Best Modular Polyamide Carpet Supply

Easy to install, exceptionally durable and affordable Nylon Carpet Tiles are available here! Manufactured under the highest quality standards and with the most avant-garde designs, nylon carpet tiles and planks listed on AccessFloorStore.Com are made to please even the most demanding of our customers. They are comfortable, elegant and functional designs that result in a tribute to comfort anywhere. Each of these modular nylon carpet is available in a variety of patterns, and colors to soften and make any floor look good.

What Is Nylon Carpet Tile?

Nylon Carpet Tiles are square-shaped carpets made of polyamide fiber. Polyamide fiber continues to be the most common choice for carpet tiles. Nylon creates incredibly strong and durable surface, so it’s a good option for busy areas. Nylon carpet tiles made of straight nylon 6.6 fibers with a density of million fibers per square meter that provide an extremely durable and slip resistant surface. The fibers are firmly adhered to a base that combines layers of fiberglass fabric, with layers of recycled PP cloth for the tile version. When laid out over a large area, the 50 x 50 cm nylon carpet tiles have a particularly good hold and do not slip.

Nylon Carpet Tile Specification

  • Tile Size: 50cm*50cm

  • Surface Texture: Flat Loop (1/10,5/64)

  • Primary Backing: PP cloth

  • Backing Design: Bitumen

Nylon Carpet Tile Features

  • Robust and flame-retardant, a great option for the busiest areas

  • Naturally mildew resistant, well suited for wet areas

  • High resistance to abrasion and dimensional stability

  • High resistance to spills, ground-in dry dirt and liquid stains.

  • Maintenance of visual appearance

  • High resistance to breakage and abrasive wear

  • Reduces impact noise and good sound absorption

  • Green environmental sustainability

  • Waterproof, rot-resistant, non-slip wet and dry on smooth surfaces and ramps

  • Combines the advantages of easy installation and mobility of the modular floor

  • Variety of design, allow a high degree of creativity and design options

Nylon Carpet Tile Application

All these properties make the polyamide carpet tiles not only an ideal floor covering for private living areas, but also allow it to be used again and again in commercial spaces such as hotels, open-plan offices, meeting rooms, the catering trade or in medical practices. It is important that the carpet corresponds to the requirement profile of the respective location.

Best Nylon Carpet Tile Suppliers & Manufacturers On AccessFloorStore.Com

If you're looking for commercial modular nylon carpet tiles, browse AccessFloorStore.Com’s selection of global trustworthy polyamide carpet suppliers and send your require today. An affordable option with various textures that forms the unlimited possibilities of a compelling design concept. You can easily find the best nylon carpet flooring solution here! We cooperate with the most competitive Nylon Carpet Tile manufacturers and suppliers in all regions of the world to help customers purchase the best quality modular polyamide tiles at the least cost.