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The choice of raised access flooring has always been a topic of great concern and attention by many customers. Nowadays, with the continuous progress and development of science and technology, a variety of advanced technologies and materials are widely used in our daily life and productions, and play a prominent advantage. In recent years, the development of flooring, the diversity of materials not only meet the needs of the public, but also bring many advantages to our lives. The access floor has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, smooth surface, stable size, good texture and good decorative effect. In addition, it has features of fire protection, corrosion resistance and other properties. Then how to choose suitable raised floor for your applications? HuiYa access flooring manufacturer provides all access floor categories, different types of flooring have different uses. 

Access Floor Categories, Types Of Raised Floor Systems - 

HuiYa has specialized in access flooring system designs, production, installation for over 10 years, providing all categories of access floors solutions including all steel access floor, concore raised floor, woodcore floor, aluminum floor system and more to meet different applications with advanced technique, personalized design, high quality materials, strict quality control, profitable access flooring prices and best customer service. There are a variety of materials, multiple colors and various patterns for you to choose. Also our raised floor categories are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously change economic and social needs.

All Steel FloorWoodcore FloorConcore FloorAluminum Floor
Computer Rooms
Internet Service Providers

Telecom Switch Centers

Electrical / Telecom Closets

Offshore Drilling Platform Motor Control Centers

Industrial Control Rooms

Data Center

General Office


Trading Floors 

Call Centers

Print Rooms


Clean Room


Service Corridors

Electronic Assembly 

MRI Scan Room 


HuiYa Access Floor Categories Features, Components, Benefits

Woodcore floor is made of high-density composite wood core glue to and encased in hot-dipped galvanized formed steel sheets. These panels have a class A flame spread rating and provide excellent rigidity, durability, and acoustic performance. It’s also economical, durable, rolling load performance, fire safety, versatile support system, quiet, galvanized shell to prevent zinc whiskers.

All-Steel raised floor is made of high-quality steel plate by stamping and welding, and injecting high-strength lightweight materials, its surface is coated by epoxy and electrostatic painting. It has excellent rolling load performance lightweight for ease of handling, has excellent design load performance, epoxy finish for lifetime protection. In addition, our All-Steel access floor has excellent grounding and electrical continuity.

HuiYa concore floor flame spread and smoke development rating is Class A, has excellent rolling load performance, excellent grounding and electrical continuity. Our concore floor is epoxy finish for lifetime protection, solid and quiet, superior ultimate load performance, completely non-combustible and interchangeable panel strengths.

Aluminum raised floor is the most expensive one of 4 types of raised floor panels. Because there are many advantages for using it: lightweight for ease of handling, will not be deformed by water immersion and moisture, and will not corrode, so its service life is long. Contains no ferrous materials to disrupt magnetic fields, has excellent rolling load performance. Aluminum access floor is available in a wide selection of conductive, static-dissipative coverings or coatings. What’s more, Its’ perforated panels and grates provide optimum laminar airflow.

What Is Special About HuiYa Types Of Raised Floor Panels

  • All raised floor categories are decorative and hard wear, provide more flexibility 

  • Furnish lasting beauty, ongoing safety and are among the lowest lifecycle cost options on the market.  

  • High dimensional accuracy, good interchangeability, flexible assembly, convenient maintenance, high reuse rate

  • Low weight, strong bearing capacity and impact resistance

  • Wide range and customized designs can be selected to accommodate your specific project needs