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Raised floor finish carpet has been used successfully in and around floor environments for several decades. The first generation of carpeting was not the best for the equipment and caused particulate problems in sensitive environments. HuiYa Anti-static carpet manufacture uses the most advanced green mill methods which produce a far superior product, virtually eliminating all the old problems.

HuiYa Anti-Static Carpet Components, Applications, Features Anti-static carpet is made by mixing a certain amount of conductive fibers in it. The conductive fibers used widely are stainless steel fibers, carbon fibers and composite fibers. Composite fibers, in particular, are being rapidly promoted abroad for their excellent properties. In order to improve the anti-static performance of anti-static carpet, it is necessary to use conductive fibers in anti-static carpet fibers, at the same time, its undercloth should also be anti-static, which is more necessary for velveted chemical fiber carpet. Therefore, carbon fibers can be mixed into the undercloth adhesive of carpet. The static dissipative carpet can also be coated with 2%-30% surfactant on the back, in which the conductive fibers with resistivity less than 30% are distributed from 6 ohms to 10 ohms. 

Anti-Static Carpeting Applications:

Our Anti-Static flooring carpet is widely used in the computer room, office building, factory, Science and Technology Park, hospital, restaurant, theatre, Airport Terminal, etc.

Anti-Static Carpet Features:

  • Sound insulation: Anti-Static carpeting tight breathable structure, can absorb and isolate sound waves.)

  • Anti-static: It has strong water resistance, wear resistance, flame retardant and anti-static).

  • Improve air quality/Cleanable: Our Anti-static carpet surface fluff has a certain adsorbability, can adsorb dust particles.

  • Non-slip: Our carpet for anti-static access floor is a kind of soft paving material with rough surface and anti-skid surface.

  • Diversity: It has rich patterns, gorgeous colors, diversified shapes, can beautify your decorative environment.

  • Harmless: No radiation, no emission of harmful gases such as formaldehyde, to meet various environmental requirements. In addition, we support static dissipative carpet DIY.

After years of development and exploration, the company has accumulated rich experience, we’ve always been committed to providing customers with exquisite products and high-quality service. Welcome to choose HuiYa access floor systems supplier!