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Quality Polypropylene Carpet Tiles Wholesale - Best Modular PP Carpet Supply

Top quality and unparalleled Polypropylene Carpet Tiles offered on AccessFloorStore.Com deliver innovative flooring solution giving modular functionality and look to any commercial space. If you are looking for a simple carpet to install, maintain and move, modular polypropylene carpets are what you need. With an immense variety of designs and endless possibilities to organize the palms, these PP carpet tiles can add a unique style to your office, home, game room, etc.

What Is Polypropylene Carpet Tile?

Polypropylene Carpet Tile as the name suggest, is a type of modular carpet made of Polypropylene fiber. It is widely used in commercial and private residential interior decoration because of its strong, wear-resistant, waterproof, and other special characteristics.

Polypropylene, also called Olefin, is one of the most common synthetic fibers continues to grow in popularity. These fibers are fast dyeing as the production process involves mixing the polypropylene with dyes. This fiber is non-discolored, generates low levels of static electricity, and is priced favorably. When used in specific carpet constructions this fiber is only as good as the strongest. So Polypropylene carpet tile is a particularly inexpensive commercial modular floor and is being used to an ever greater extent in today's interior decoration.

Polypropylene Carpet Tile Specifications

  • Tile Size: 60cm*60cm, 25cm*100cm, 33.33cm*100cm, 50cm*100cm, 91.44cm*91.44cm, 100cm*100cm

  • Surface Texture: High and Low Loop 1/12 (6+6,8+4)

  • Primary Backing: Non Woven

  • Backing Design: PVC with fiberglass, Non woven, Polyolefin

Polypropylene Carpet Tile Features

  • Hard-wearing, long-lasting and and priced favorably

  • Highly stain-resistant, excellent resistance to abrasion

  • Most environmentally friendly synthetic fiber carpet

  • Very low density, the lightest fibers commercially available

  • Particularly high level of lightfastness and color fastness

  • High level of impact sound and thermal insulation

  • mildew resistant, UV-resistant, and quick-drying

  • Generates low levels of static electricity

  • Easy to install, clean and maintain

Polypropylene Carpet Tile Application

Polypropylene carpet tiles with high wear-resistant and extremely stain-resistant, is very suitable for high traffic areas and any room. For residential areas, they are a great option for decorating kitchens, living rooms, children's bedrooms or playrooms, dinning room entryways, and anywhere else where lots of people gather within the home. For commercial places, they are ideal for hotels, open-plan offices, meeting rooms, retail stores, studios, the catering trade or in medical practices.

Best Polypropylene Carpet Tile Suppliers & Manufacturers On AccessFloorStore.Com

Excellent value for money, cheap Polypropylene Carpet Tiles are provided with excellent quality and wide range of design options by global leading modular PP carpet suppliers and manufacturers. All our modular polypropylene carpet prices are direct from the factory so it is the best time to take advantage of and invest in the infrastructure of your business. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of polypropylene carpet tiles for your project or want to wholesale PP carpet tiles with both quality and price advantages, you can find the best supply source of PP carpets on AccessFloorStore.Com.