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Access Floor HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Applications, Components

High Pressure Laminate or HPL, is an anti-static top covering highly resistant to abrasion, suitable for technical rooms but also for high-traffic areas. It is made of multi-layer kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin and decorative paper impregnated with melamine under high temperature and pressure. It’s considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface materials and is available with special performance properties including chemical, fire and wear resistance. High pressure laminate is widely used in indoor decoration, furniture, kitchen, laboratory surfaces, exterior walls and other fields because of their wear resistance. But in fact, the decoration of HPL can't be underestimated. 

Huiya HPL For Access Floor, Raised Floor System - High Pressure Laminate Manufacture

The best access floor manufacturer HuiYa offers excellent raised floor with high pressure laminate which is made of silica or calcareous material, mixed with a certain proportion of fibre materials, lightweight aggregates, adhesives and chemical additives, and autoclaved. It is a new type of material used by more and more people, and its use is not only because of fire protection. Our HPL access floor’s greatest advantage is fire retardant, but there are other advantages, such as impact resistance, moisture-proof and water-proof, green environmental protection.

Access Floor High Pressure Laminate Features: 

- Wear resistance

- Heat resistance

- Impact resistance

- Fire resistance

- Bacteriostasis

- Mildew resistance

- Anti-static

Benefits Of Huiya’s High Pressure Laminate Flooring:

  • Heat preservation and insulation (0.11 thermal conductivity): Its heat preservation and insulation are six times that of glass, three times that of clay and ten times that of ordinary concrete.

  • Light-weight and high-strength (specific gravity 0.5): 1/4 of ordinary concrete, 1/3 of clay brick, lighter than water, and equivalent to wood; cubic compressive strength (>4 mpa). Especially in steel structure engineering, using ALC plate as enclosure structure can give full play to its advantages of light weight, high strength, good ductility and strong seismic resistance.

  • Fire-resistant and flame-retardant (wallboard-4 hours fire-resistant): Aerated concrete is inorganic, it will not burn, and will not produce harmful gases at high temperature. At the same time, the thermal conductivity of aerated concrete is very small, which makes the thermal migration slow, can effectively resist fire, and protect its structure from fire.

  • Green environmental protection: Our HPL access floor is not radioactive, there is no hazardous substances spilling. There is no pollution and hazardous waste generation in the production process.