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Vinyl Flooring - PVC Floor Tiles & Rolls

Vinyl Floors are also known as PVC Floors, with their durability, practicality, and tremendous merits, are widely used as the ideal residential & industrial flooring solution - ESD Vinyl Floor Tiles for data center, cleanroom, and computer room flooring; high abrasion resistance PVC Floor Tiles for hospital, office and high-traffic areas, peel and stick vinyl floor tile for home. Vinyl Flooring not only brings great benefits to your project but also offer a large selection of decors and sophisticated designs, which is why you will enjoy vinyl flooring for a long time.

Vinyl Flooring Tile - PVC Floor Tiles

Why Choosing Vinyl Floors

Vinyl Flooring (PVC Flooring) is very popular now, not only because of its inexpensive price and relatively installation and maintenance, but it is also extremely durable and more affordable than other common flooring varieties. In addition to showing a modern and elegant appearance, there is a wide variety of colors and patterns to perfectly imitate many materials, such as PVC plank or tiles. Vinyl Floor can be applied in commercial, industrial, private space, as it is a comfortable and resistant material that deserves all the prominence in your project!

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring Tiles & PVC Sheet Floor:

  • Durability - High resilience to abrasion and impact damage, great resistance to scratches

  • Easy maintenance - Smooth surface, particularly easy to clean, maintain and repair

  • Water-resistant - Waterproof, resistant to moisture and mildew, suitable for allergy sufferers

  • Healthy - Vinyl Floor covering is hygienic, antimicrobial, and antistatic (repels dust and dirt)

  • Comfortable - Soft and warm, vinyl is comfortable for the feet and is often less cold

  • Soundproof - Acoustic insulation, notably attenuating the noise of footsteps and other impacts on the ground

  • Simple installation - With their handy dimensions, PVC tiles can be quick and easy to install without professional help

  • Versatility - A large selection of decors, versatile use in private living areas, businesses, and properties

  • Economic - Affordable than natural materials because their production costs are lower

Vinyl Flooring Tiles (PVC Floor Tiles)

Best Commercial Vinyl Floor Rolls & Tiles - PVC Flooring Suppliers

AccessFloorStore.Com as China Leading Raised Floor System & Vinyl Floor Manufacturer, offers top quality various Vinyl PVC Floor Tiles. We guarantee you: PVC flooring tiles are provided at a permanently low price! Many customers are enthusiastic about the great quality and favorable prices of our vinyl tiles. We offer a large selection of PVC flooring tiles: whether the anti-static vinyl floor tiles for data center raised floor or patterned vinyl floating floor for office. 

Benefits of PVC Flooring Tiles (Vinyl Floor Covering Products) On AccessFloorStore.Com:

  • Various Vinyl Floor Products: ESD Vinyl Flooring, Conductive PVC Tiles, Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles in a variety of size, color, pattern. 

  • Wide Applications: Data Center, Clean Room, Computer Room, Office Building, Factory, Hospital, Supermarkets, Home and other high traffic areas.

  • Excellent Quality: High raw material, great performances, and durability for a long time

  • Professional OEM: Design and produce according to customer requirements, cost-effective but high efficient.

  • If you have any interest in our PVC Flooring Tiles (Vinyl Floor Covering), please do not hesitate to contact our customer service, who is available by Livechat, Phone, and Email. Send us your inquiry now, the instant quote will return to you.

Huiya PVC Flooring Tiles (Vinyl Floor Covering)