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WEISS Hydrologic Panels
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WEISS Hydrologic Panels

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Weiss Hydrologic Air Conditioning Raised Floor System

Weiss Hydrologic Panels are a type of innovative product for UFAD (underfloor air distribution) solutions to improve thermal management in data centers and IT computer rooms, with the aim of achieving considerable energy savings. A perfect airflow raised flooring solution for the development and implementation of the modernization of existing data centers, especially at high packing densities per rack.

Optimal Energy-Efficient Raised Floor For Data Centers & IT Rooms

Weiss's Water-chilled ventilated raised floor system is different from traditional ventilated floors. It cleverly uses water as a cooling medium to dissipate the heat sucked into the floor passages by high-performance fans, which ensure optimal, demand-oriented airflow. Weiss provides a standard size of 600 x 600 mm to adapt to the spacing of the existing data center floor, which can be installed in the front and back of the rack to achieve maximum heat dissipation (maximum 20 kW per rack). At the same time, special sizes and other customer requirements can be customized.

WEISS Hydrologic Panels.jpg
WEISS Hydrologic Raised Floor Panels.jpg

Weiss Air Condition Raised Floor Technical Data & Specification


Admeasurement600 x 600 mm
Thickness350 mm, without cover
TopsidePVC, HPL, rubber
Bottom sideEC-fan
Weight36 kg
Materialsteel, powder-coated
Building Material classA1
Free air outlet39%
Resistance to ground450 - 2000 mm

Load bearing capacity

Point load3 kN
Ultimate load> 6 kN
Finish floor heights450 - 2000 mm


Voltage230 V
Power consumption140W
Spread water400w XL Version,12°C / 18°C
Water volume1,43 m³/h
Air supply temperature21° - 30°C
Water connector3 / 4“
Max Pressure10 bar
Pressure loss1 bar max
Cooling mediaWater- or glycol-water mix

Weiss Hydrologic Panel Heat Dissipation Performance

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Weiss Raised Floor Hydrologic Panel Features & Advantages

  • 10 KW per panel and 20 KW per rack ensures the best energy-saving heat dissipation

  • Fully controllable cooling system, through target temperature or pressure

  • Water-cooled raised floor not only benefits optimal heat dissipation but also fireproof in the data center

  • Size of 600 x 600 mm is suitable for all standard raised floor systems

  • Can be placed in hot aisles or cold aisles

  • Excellent flexibility and easy to use for retrofitting or building new data centers

  • Different sizes, heights, and capacities can be provided according to customer needs

  • Easy to install, maintain, expand and replace