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WEISS Calcium Sulphate Panels
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WEISS Calcium Sulphate Panels

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WEISS Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor System

WEISS Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor is an intelligent raised flooring system for your office, computer room, data center, server room, or other commercial & industrial spaces. It is made of high-density gypsum. Produced in 600 × 600 mm and different thicknesses according to the desired load, the durable calcium sulfate raised floor panel is edged on the perimeter with ABS/PVC strip for maximum protection, lower steel, and upper covering to choose from a wide range of finishes.

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Who is Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH

Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH was established in the year 1975, and the stone of the company was laid by Dieter Weiss. For a year now, they have been producing raised floor systems with progressive technology. Well known for the Swabian precision, the raised floor system developed by Weiss has become a standard flooring system across the telecom sector and the technology industry market.

  Weiss has been meeting the demand of offices, private and commercial buildings, and other industries’ need for flexible interior fittings for several decades now. Weiss is now one of the most reputed companies globally known for producing quality products like active panels.

  Since 2010 they have been developing and designing products that have pushed the boundaries of raised floor systems after Terra Raumtechnik purchased them. The technological innovation with quality products has led them to become a global supplier of a raised floor system in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Far East.

  Weiss is now well-known in Germany and across the world for offering not only premium quality raised floor but also everything associated with it. It has become a one-stop place to meet all the requirements of installing the raised floor system.

Best Price-Performance Ratio & Most Versatile Raised Floor Panel

WEISS Calcium Sulphate Panels are the most versatile product family in the WEISS portfolio, with the best price-performance ratio and the vary of benefits. They are extremely rigid and possess excellent properties in terms of load rating, fire resistance (Class "A" flame spread rating), waterproof, rot-proof, and acoustic and static performance. WEISS Calcium Sulphate Panel can be machined with almost every type of covering such High Pressure Laminate, PVC, Linoleum, or Rubber, customers can choose their ideal one to meet special needs.

WEISS Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor Specifications


Admeasurement600 x 600 mm (other sizes on request)
Thickness16 - 42 mm
Topsidealuminum foil, steel sheet, PVC, Lino, rubber, parquet, laminate, stone, carpet
Bottom sidealuminum foil, steel sheet
System weight40 - 90 kg/m2
Materialcalcium sulfate panel


Typ BS M 16 FFH to440 mm
Typ CS M 20 (24x2) FFH to1450 mm
Typ DS M 20 (26x3) FFH to2000 mm

Load bearing capacity

Point load2 kN - 20 kN
nach DIN EN 12825class 1 - 6
Ultimate load4 kN - 40 kN

Certificate of conformity SFE

according to DIN EN 12825, SFEincluded

Distributed load

No norm10 - 80 N/m²

Fire protection

Building material classEN 1350 1-1A2 - S1, D0
Fire resistance classEN 1366up to  REI 30

Noise reduction acc. DIN EN 10848

Ln,f,wDn,f,w in dB△Lw in dB (foot-)
TopsideCarpet (18dB)434933

WEISS Calcium Sulphate Panel Features & Advantages

  All the range mentioned above of raised flooring system and the special floors and accessories offer a wide variety of advantages to the customers who install them. Weiss' commitment to launch new products in the market that not only responds to the demand of the customers but also meet the requirements like:

  • Energy and cost-efficiency

  • Protects the environment

  • Reduces CO2 emission

  • Mountains a balance between economy and ecology

  Apart from these, the other advantages that Weiss' raised floor system offers are:

  • The floor system is highly flexible

  • It can be used anywhere, irrespective of the building size. The simple reason that Weiss' system offers a range of usage is because of the adjustable heights of the substructures.

  • The floor panels are independent of each other hence a single panel can be removed and subsequently installed without any hassle at any time.

  • Special panels like the acoustic panels are constructed to have better sound absorbing properties

  • Active panels handle air-conditioning solutions better, and for data centers, patented solutions in active floors like JetPanel, Hydraulic Panel, and such can be used.

  As the use of raised access floor with new technology is gaining momentum and overcoming passivity that traditional access floor panels, Weiss is offering a comprehensive portfolio of suitable products for every business need. It can also, be adapted to the individual requirement that can increase and diversify any flooring system's capacity for the present and future.

WEISS Calcium Sulphate Panel Applications

  • Office buildings

  • Moderate workspaces

  • Server Rooms

  • IT data centers

  • Low load laboratories

  • Telecommunication rooms

  • Other mission-critical facilities

Weiss calcium sulphate access flooring systems can be used almost anywhere thanks to substructures of adjustable height. Individual calcium sulphate technical floor panels can be removed at any point and allow subsequent installation without dirt and noise pollution. By using acoustic panels, sound-absorbing properties can also be utilized. Contact us to get more professional advice for your flooring plan.