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Waterproof Carpets Repel Stains and Spills

2021/6/4 19:16:01

If you’ve ever been to a parent’s home of a screaming toddler and a restless 5-year-old, you’ll notice a pattern. The parent is vacuuming the carpet floor. You visit another day, probably two days later and you see the same thing happening again. It’s almost like the parent is a germophobe. While this may be true, the screaming toddler and a restless 5-year-old are two major factors that lead to frequent carpet vacuuming.

Kids tend to drop and spill the least expected items that do the most damage. In addition to kids, pets too can cause a major spill and stain problem in the house. Pets that are yet to be trained can give you a run for your mop and vacuum cleaner. 

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There is a solution that would bring relief to parents – waterproof carpets!

What makes them waterproof? We’re here to find out.

What makes a carpet waterproof?

Technology has made it possible to make carpets waterproof, namely RX2 technology and Lifeguard backing. 

RX2 is a repellent against stains and soil, protecting carpet fibers against dirt and spills. So, when your child spills something, you don’t have to go running for the mop and other fluid-absorbing fabric. The spill, when it reaches the base of the carpet will get wicked to the surface. It will retain the spill’s original composition until you have enough time to grab a mop and clean it up.

The lifeguard backing is made from 100% thermoplastic commercial-grade backing making it impossible for liquid penetration.

Are waterproof carpets the same as water-resistant carpets?

Water resistance and waterproof have two different meanings but many confuse these two terms as the same. We’ll break it down for you so you don’t mistake one from the other.

A water-resistant carpet lacks the protection of a lifeguard backing, unlike waterproofing carpets. As a result, the water-resistant carpet will not be able to wick the spill back to the surface. The only good thing about this carpet is that it won’t get damaged if it becomes wet.

A water-resistant carpet is made from polyester fibers that don’t soak up any liquid. As the spills won’t be absorbed, stains do not form, thereby preventing the growth of mold or mildew.

Tiles and Rolls

There are two types of waterproof carpets. They differ from the degree of their waterproofing properties.


Carpet tiles are waterproof but to a smaller degree. They cannot completely repel moisture. It is more water-resistant than it is waterproof but these are budget-friendly and are easy to install. Therefore, if you have a place set up where spills don’t occur then carpet tiles are okay to be used.

If you want to install carpet tiles but want to prevent the ground moisture from setting it then moisture mitigation systems are available. This system involves the process of sealing the floor with two-part epoxy. Some commercial carpets and flooring products are developed to withstand ground moisture.


Now, carpet rolls are absolute waterproof material. That is why they are perfect for indoor flooring. These rolls are not as easy to install and they are slightly expensive as compared to carpet tiles. However, if you want 100% waterproof carpets then this should be your choice. Think of it in this way, your children spill something but you don’t have to go running to get the mop. It reduces your worry and daily extra home chores.

How to install waterproof carpets?

Carpet tiles can be installed by using the peel and stick method. This method is only applicable to water-resistant carpet tiles as these have peel and stick backings. All you have to do is pull out the plastic cover, and firmly press the tile to the subfloor. Repeat this process until all the carpet tiles are firmly stuck to the floor.

Carpet rolls can be installed using either the stretch-in or the adhesive process. 

Tool requirements:

  • Stretcher

  • Knee kicker

  • Melt tape

The Stretch-In method involves the adhering of seams using an adhesive or melt tape. Stretch the carpet using a knee kicker and attach it to the wall tracks to secure the stretched carpet.

The Adhesive method involves gluing the carpet to the floor. This is a tricky process, and therefore, is best left to a professional flooring expert. However, if you still want to do it yourself then let’s proceed. Use a knee kicker to stretch the carpet. Start stretching from the center and work towards the ends of the room in all directions. This will prevent the formation of air bubbles. After this, seal the deal with a 75 lb. roller as directed by the manufacturer.

While waterproof carpets are soon becoming a trend across residential and commercial spaces, it becomes crucial to learn its types. We hope this guide to waterproof carpets helps you understand the type you want for your space. And if you are looking for affordable carpet tiles and LVT flooring, welcome to AccessFloorStore.Com