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Office (OA) Raised Floor Types - Choose The Right Raised Access Floor For Your Commercial Office

2020/10/28 17:31:33

OA floor is a raised floor system for general offices and is suitable for installing standard furniture and multifunction devices. There are 3 main types of office raised floor in the market now, which one to choose for your commercial office or studio? Today, AccessFloorStore.Com compares the materials, features of the 3 OA Raised Floor types to help you get a wise option.

Structure-Based OA (Office) Raised Access Floor Types

Office OA Raised Access Floor can also be divided according to the structure of the raised floor. About the structure of the office raised floors:

Simple OA Raised Floor With Integrated Support

The material is made of PP resin, etc., and it is an OA floor with integrated columns and panels.

Resin Raised Floor.png

  • Since it does not use adhesive, it is also used in rental offices. The laying cost is cheaper than other raised floors, and because it is light, it has the advantage of being able to easily change the wiring.

  • Also, if the height cannot be adjusted, or if the wiring is not designed and fixed firmly, there is a possibility that the wiring may get in contact with each other, or the panel may get on the wiring and break the wire.

Strut-separated & Height-adjustable Raised Floor

The material is made of steel or concrete, and the height can be adjusted because the pedestal and panels are separated.

800lbs Bare Steel Concore Raised Floor Panel - Huiya.jpg

  • Since sufficient wiring capacity can be created in the space under the floor, it is an advantage that it is an OA floor with a high degree of freedom in changing and expanding wiring.

  • In addition, if the wiring is not designed and fixed firmly, there is a demerit that wiring may be mixed and noise may occur.

Stationary OA Raised Floor With Cable Trenches (Low Profile Raised Floor)

The material of the low profile raised floor is high-strength lightweight concrete and the trench cover is made of steel.

Low Profile Raised Floor System - Huiya.jpg

  • Since the wiring can be rearranged simply by removing the cable trench cover, the wiring can be changed or expanded without asking a specialist, which is an advantage in terms of maintenance costs.

  • Also, since the height cannot be adjusted, it is a disadvantage that only a limited wiring capacity can be passed.


  • If the floor surface of the simple OA raised floor is sloping, it may rattle when installed, so it is necessary to level the floor in parallel before installing the OA floor.

  • When selecting by structure, the wiring layout and wiring capacity will change depending on whether the layout is changed frequently or the number of people is increased, so let's check that point.

Your Needs Determine The Height and Choice of OA Raised Floors

Raised floors have a low floor height of 40 mm, and OA floors that can be adjusted in height with columns can be raised to 500 mm or 600 mm. When choosing an OA floor based on the floor height, it is better to check the capacity of LAN cables and electrical wiring and consider whether or not to use an OA floor whose height can be adjusted. Also, be careful about the ceiling height. Since the ceiling height will be lower by the floor height of the OA floor we considered, you will feel oppressive compared to before the introduction. Even a small office requires a ceiling height of at least 2.5m.

Summary of Office Raised Floor Choosing

First, let's check the intended use of the installation location, the weight of furniture, the amount of wiring, the ceiling height, etc. Raised floors vary by type and manufacturer, so please consider the one that is most suitable for your company. We have quality office raised floors and floor covering to finish the OA raised floor. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us as our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have.