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Homogeneous PVC Chipboard Raised Floor
Homogeneous PVC Chipboard Raised Floor

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Homogeneous PVC Wooden Raised Floor - Anti-Static Chipboard Raised Floor

Our Homogeneous PVC Chipboard Raised Floor (ESD Vinyl Woodcore Raised Floor) covered with Conductive Homogeneous PVC tile are natural sustainable floors associated with durability, high quality, economical and innovative design. The Anti-Static PVC Woodcore panels consist of high-density wood core composite adhesive. The elastic and impact-resistant PVC tiles as surface finish material ensures good protection against mechanical damage. Use aluminum foil to coat the bottom side for protecting the chipboard raised floor panel against moisture absorption, dust and fire. For improving mechanical resistance of the panel, we cover the bottom with a 0.4mm galvanized steel trey. With electrically conductive vinyl tile covered on surface and conductive PVC edging strips sealed on four edges, the discharge of electrical voltages is guaranteed in accordance with the requirements of the EN 1081 standard. Good technical performance and high loading bearing combined with easy of installing and pricing, Huiya Homogeneous Vinyl Chipboard Raised Floor could be your best choice for use in the office area of industry and administration, banks and insurance companies, in data centers and computer rooms as well as storage rooms and production areas. 

Homogeneous PVC Wooden Raised Floor - Anti-Static Chipboard Raised Floor

Homogeneous PVC Chipboard Raised Floor Specifications

  • Panel Core: High density chipboard

  • Steel Encapsulated: No

  • Chipboard Core Depth: 28mm/38mm

  • Top Surface Finish: PVC Tile (1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm thickness is available)

  • Bottom Surface: Aluminum foil, Galvanised steel tray 0.4mm

  • Perimetral Edges: Sealed With Conductive PVC Edging Strip

  • Loading Capacity:

Anti-Static PVC Chipboard Raised Floor 800lbs CISCA Standard Test

Concentrated load


Impact Load


Ultimate Load


Uniform Load


Rolling Load






10000 Times









ESD Homogeneous Vinyl Chipboard Floor Panel Application

  • IT Workplace: Data Centres, Server Rooms, Computer Rooms, Control Rooms

  • Office Building: Offices, Broadcasting Rooms, Television Studios, Common Rooms, Facilities for Meetings, Court Houses, Stage, and Studio Rooms, Government Buildings

  • Industry: Laboratories and Research Facilities, Power Plants

  • Education: Library Rooms, Research Rooms, School, School of Higher Education

  • Recreation and Culture: Museums, Showrooms, Casinos, Banks, Sales Areas, Shopping Malls

  • Healthcare: Laboratories, Clinics and Hospitals

Benefits of Using Homogeneous PVC Woodcore Raised Access Floor

  • High quality, low-costing and aesthetic with outstanding functionality, security

  • High load bearing capacity, fire resistance, solid feel and lightweight

  • Use of environmentally friendly materials, health, comfort and safety

  • Permanent anti-static, excellent grounding and electrical continuity

  • Wear-resistant homogeneous vinyl surface provides good acoustic performance, antibacterial

  • Full range of vinyl flooring finishes adapt to various decoration and aesthetics

  • CE marked, comply to the BS EN 12825 & British PSA/MOB & EN 1081 Standard

  • Very easy to install, clean and maintain

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