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How To Replace (Renovate) A Raised Access Floor Panel?

2020/5/24 23:59:18

Although the quality-assured raised floor has a durable and considerable service life, under many years of continuous pressure or accidents, the raised floor system may experience damage, no matter in office, data center or cleanroom. Therefore, you need to replace damaged or missing raised floor tiles in time to ensure the normal use of the entire system.

Replace (Renovate) A Raised Floor Panel - HUIYA.jpeg

As we all know, whether the raised floor is used in offices, data centers, server rooms, or production and workshop rooms, being able to be replaced quickly and easily is one of its attractive advantages. Since the raised floor is a modular system, you can enter the raised floor system at any location. Whether you need to completely replace the floor or only perform cost-effective renovation work, it will not affect the work of the floor in other areas and the downtime of the facility is zero! What’s more, whether you have experience or not, replacing raised access floor panels will not be a complicated problem. Now follow us to learn how to replace raised floor panels for your system.

How To Replace or Renovate Raised Floor Panels?

Required Items

Before replacing the raised floor, you need not only prepare a new elevated floor panel, but also need some necessary tools to complete the entire process:

  • Replacement raised floor panels that perfectly match the original access floor system

  • Suitable raised floor tile lifter

  • Special cleaning tools

Follow the steps below to replace the raised floor tiles:

1. Confirm Damaged Raised Floor

Check your raised floor system to determine whether a single access floor panel needs to be replaced or whether the entire access floor system needs to be refurbished, and accurately count the number of access floor panels that need to be replaced. If necessary, the equipment and furniture on the floor need to be removed for the most accurate inspection. Needless to say, removing a single floor tile will be a simpler job, and the entire or large area of elevated floor renovation will be a more time-consuming process.

2. Purchase Replacement Raised Floor Panels

Remember to choose a replacement access floor panel (material, length, width and thickness) that exactly matches your original raised floor system, otherwise, it will affect the harmony and safety of the entire system. Accurately measure the size of the required floor and the number of required replacement floors to avoid cost waste. When ordering replacement raised floor tiles, remember that pricing will depend on the quantity because these are custom orders, so the more panels you order, the lower the cost. When purchasing replacement raised floor panels, please look for a reliable raised floor supplier such as Huiya that can not only improve cost-effective products but also give you professional technical support.

3. Remove The Damaged Raised Floor Panels

Before replacing the new one, always use the correct tools and methods to remove the old raised access floor tile according to the actual situation. Never use a screwdriver or temporary tools to pry open the panel. Most raised floors only require a raised floor panel lifter to be placed diagonally on the panel and then lifted and removed. Please note: Check whether the raised floor panel lifter has sufficient suction before use. Always replace the panel in vertical motion, and lift up a row of panels in order to maintain lateral stability.

Huiya Raised Access Floor Panel Lifters.png

4. Place Replacement Access Floor Panels

Use the panel puller to lift the new raised floor to the area that needs to be replaced. This processing is similar to removing the damaged floor. Install each raised access floor panel carefully and correctly before proceeding to apply other replacement floors. Repeat as many times as necessary until all damaged panels are removed and replaced. After completing the entire replacement work, carefully check to ensure that all replacement panels have been installed correctly.

5. Clean The Whole Raised Floor

After the replacement was completed, the entire raised floor should be cleaned up in time to make the entire system look new. Remember to choose the right professional cleaning agent according to the surface finish material of the floor panel, such as stainless steel floors should not be cleaned with abrasives and don’t use paste wax polishes on your raised floor with vinyl floor covering.