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How To Install Vinyl Flooring Sheet (Homogeneous PVC Floor Rolls) Over Concrete Slab?

2020/3/23 12:03:21

Homogeneous PVC flooring is widely used in healthcare system, educational places, public places offices, and public transportation areas. How to install Homogeneous vinyl flooring rolls (homogeneous PVC sheet flooring) on concrete slab? Check our detailed guide for Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring Installation. 

Install Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring Sheets (Rolls) On Concrete Slab In Steps

Step 1 - Base Ground Detection

  1. Use temperature and humidity instruments to detect the installation site environment. Temperature should be between 10 and 35C, humidity should be between 20% and 75%.

  2. Flatness Detection - Use flatness detector to detect the flatness of the base ground, within 2 meters of the ruler, the height difference should be less than 5 mm.

Step 2 - Base Ground Construction

  1. Grinding base ground with a grinder, to handle unevenness and surface dust of the ground.

  2. Use blade to remove adhesive, paint and other residues, the raised and loose places can be polished with a polisher.

  3. Removing the dust of the ground with a vacuum cleaner until it's clean.

Step 3 - Self-leveling Concrete Construction

  1. Pouring the self-leveling slurry to the ground and use scraper for batch scraping.

  2. Putting on the spikes and use the defoaming roller to discharge the air mixed in the agitation. 

  3. Close the site immediately after the completion of the construction, and it is forbidden to walk within 10 hours.

Step 4 - Laying & Cutting Vinyl Flooring Rolls

  1. Flooring should be placed on installation site for more than 24 hours to make the material memory restored, and the temperature of flooring is consistent with site.

  2. Two vinyl sheet should be overlapped, generally overlapping range is 3cm, cutting must be done in one go.

  3. Using a professional trimming tools to cut the edges of the sheet.

Step 5 - Sticking Viny Sheet Flooring

  1. Before applying adhesive, roll one end of the sheet, then clean the ground and the back of the sheet, then apply adhesive on the ground.

  2. The applying of the adhesive should be uniform and comprehensive, adhesive should be dried naturally after applying.

  3. Different adhesive have different using method, refer to the product manual for details.

Step 6 - Exhaust & Rolling

  1. After the vinyl sheet is laid, use a cork block to squeeze out the bubbles under sheet.

  2. Using a 50kg or 75kg roller to roll the sheet evenly, repair the hem at the seam.

  3. Extra adhesive on the sheet surface should be erased in time, opening groove and welding should start after 24 hours.

Step 7 - Opening Groove & Welding PVC Sheet

  1. Opening groove must be done after adhesive has fully cured. Use groove device to slot the seam, groove should not penetrate the bottom, recommended groove depth should be 2/3 of the thickness of the sheet.

  2. Before welding, the dust and debris remaining in the groove must be removed.

  3. Both manual or automatic welding equipment can be used.

  4. Temperature of the welding torch should be set according to the type of welding rod, welding rod should be squeezed into the groove at a uniform speed.

  5. When the welding rod is semi-cooled, use a blade to shovel the extra part above the sheet surface.

  6. When the welding rod is completely cooled, use the blade again to remove the remaining raised part.

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