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How To Remove Vinyl Flooring (PVC Tiles & Rolls) From Concrete Slab?

2020/3/11 0:04:51

Taking off old vinyl floor rolls or tiles placed on a concrete screed can be a real ordeal when you have neither the right tools nor the right method. Here are some tips for removing the vinyl flooring, and once the PVC floor is torn off, remove the glue on the concrete. 

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How To Remove Vinyl Flooring From Concrete Slab?

Peeling off the vinyl flooring is not easy, especially if it has been properly glued on concrete. Generally, the older the installation is or the more traffic the area to be removed, the harder it will be to remove it. But if the vinyl flooring is damaged or you want to place another floor to renew your decoration, it will have to be removed. But luckily, when vinyl PVC flooring has been installed directly on a cement floor, it can be a little easier to remove than when it has been installed on a wooden base, unless you decide to remove the wooden base too, which in turn can become quite difficult too. In this article we will tell you how easy it is to remove a vinyl floor from concrete and more important is that the original slab will not be damaged.

It does not matter in which space the vinyl is adhered to, either in a humid environment such as in the bathroom or in a dry space such as a room or living room since environmental conditions do not interfere with the vinyl removal process. But we have to use different methods to remove different types of vinyl floors (vinyl floor rolls or tiles) from concrete because of the different ways to lay the vinyl.

Each of them has a specific process both to glue it and to remove it, whether it is a self-adhesive vinyl floor or its installation is by means of a separate adhesive, or if you need a click system. Whatever the system used for the installation, here we will explain how to remove the vinyl floor specifying what type of floor we refer to.

How To Remove Vinyl Flooring Rolls or Sheets From Concrete Slab?

To remove vinyl floor rolls (sheets) you will need to have a powerful tool to be able to remove the vinyl. You can also do it with a manual tool similar to the electric one that has a metal spatula at the tip with which you can lift the vinyl floor or vinyl tiles, although the process will be more laborious.

Use Stripper tool To Remove Vinyl flooring Sheet From Concrete

This tool will make your job easier as it is designed to remove the strips or the roll PVC floors and vinyl floor sheets. If you already have the stripper to perform this work you should know that you must incorporate a rigid and thick sheet at its end that will help to lift the vinyl. Once you incorporate the sheet into the pickling tool you must make sure that it is well fixed so that it does not come out while the soil is removed and thus avoid accidents. Steps to remove self-adhesive vinyl floor rolls with a stripper: 

  • Step 1: Clear the work area - The first step is to condition the area to work by removing furniture and objects that make it impossible to do the job.

  • Step 2: Make vinyl cuts - To be able to get faster to the grooves between the vinyl floor rolls and the concrete, you must make a series of cuts with a cutter ensuring that they are straight and well-distributed lines to cover the entire floor. Once the stripper machine is connected, give it at a medium speed and once this way we will proceed to place the sheet in the grooves that are between the vinyl floor and the concrete slab.

  • Step 3:  Dissolve the floor glue - To make vinyl PVC floor sheet can be removed more easily, we can spread a layer of petroleum jelly on the surface or failing silicone silk that will help dissolve the glue that has the floor.

  • Step 4: Use tripper - Once the metal sheet is inserted into the groove, very carefully with one hand we will introduce the stripper and with the other we will raise the ground so that the blade can move faster.

  • Step 5: Remove the vinyl PVC floor roll - Repeat this process with each of the vinyl floor sheets or the marks we have made on the floor with the cutter until we finish removing all the PVC floor.

Use Metal Spatula To Remove Vinyl Flooring Rolls From Concrete

  • Step 1: Clear the work area - The first step is to condition the area to work by removing furniture and objects that make it impossible to do the job.

  • Step 2: Cut Strips On PVC Floor Sheet - Cut the vinyl floor sheet into 30-35 cm strips using a large utility knife, extending from one wall to another. It is easier to remove and handle small strips rather than the entire surface of the lino.

  • Step 3: Soft adhesive - Use a hot air gun (or hair dryer) to heat the top of the vinyl flooring strip to make the adhesive soft enough. To soften the lino and make it more flexible, heat each corner of the roll vinyl floor. Once you pry the block long enough, you can grab it and continue heating with the hot air gun Pull the adhesive while pulling it out.

  • Step 4: Peel vinyl floor strip - Pry off the roll vinyl floor with a hard putty knife under the strip. Once you pry the block long enough, you can grab it and continue heating with the hot air gun Pull the adhesive while pulling it out. 

  • Step 5: Continue till to complete removing - Continue the above operation until each vinyl floor cut into strips is peeled from the cement floor. Then you need to understand how to remove the glue left on the floor, we will introduce you later, please keep reading.

How To Remove Vinyl Flooring Tiles From Concrete Slab?

To remove the tile it is essential to adopt some safety measures, mainly wearing gloves, since both the tool and the material to be removed can damage or cause hand injuries due to heat and on skin contact with hot glue.

  • Step 1: Try to pry a corner of one of the vinyl floor tiles with a putty knife. If you can't find any corner loose PVC tiles, use a utility knife to cut two strips through a tile about 3 or 4 inches into a strip.

  • Step 2: Heat the tiles with a hot air gun or hair dryer to soften the glue and make the tiles easier to pry open.

  • Step 3: As the heat spreads, the PVC tiles will start to fall off and help us with a spatula first, then remove them by hand.

  • Step 4: After removing the strips, you can use the putty knife below the other parts of the tile in turn and remove the entire vinyl flooring tile.

  • Step 5: After removing all vinyl tiles, remove the adhesive left by the tiles on the original floor with the help of a thermal release agent.

How To Remove The Vinyl Floor Adhesive From Concrete Slab?

After removing a vinyl floor from the concrete, the glue that held it in place remains attached to the PVC floor. Adhesive residues leave solid sticks in the concrete that require softening. The use of heat relaxes glue deposits for faster soil release. Removing the glue from the concrete provides a good base if you want to reinstall a different floor or if you want to leave it as is.

  • Step 1 - You should wear safety glasses and wear a mask since it is possible that during the process a dust will be lifted that could damage your eyesight and be harmful to your health when inhaled.

  • Step 2 - Sweep dirt and dust off the concrete floor with a broom of hard bristles.

  • Step 3 - Heat water in a large cauldron to almost boiling point. Pour the water slowly over the adhesive on the concrete floor. Let it act for five minutes to soften the glue.

  • Step 4 - Scrape the softened concrete adhesive with a spatula.

  • Step 5 - Clean the concrete adhesive using old rags. Throw the rags in a bucket as they become saturated with the glue. Continue removing all the adhesive from the floor. When you're done, throw the rags in a dumpster.

  • Step 6 - Rinse the concrete floor with a garden hose or water buckets.

  • Step 7 - Clean the floor with the broom to make sure that all adhesive residue was completely removed.


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