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Why Anti-static Floor Is Good Flooring Idea In Your Company? Get Know ESD Flooring Benefits

2020/4/6 22:14:39

Choosing a certain type of flooring for your business can be a difficult task since you may fall into ignorance of the functions of different flooring materials. In the case of industries, where numerous electrical devices and machinery are present, in order to guarantee safety and avoid damage to machines and workers, anti-static floors must be chosen. In this article, we tell you what anti-static vinyl flooring is and the risks it is capable of avoiding in an industry.

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What Are Anti-Static PVC Floor?

The human body is a good generator of static electricity, so small sparks can appear in the body. In addition to causing any electrical device to be burned. ESD Condutive Vinyl floors are a solution to this problem. And is that anti-static PVC flooring has the property of diluting human discharges and offering electrical insulation in the ground. So it becomes an ideal flooring solution for places prone to electric static discharge.

Understanding and knowing if it is an anti-static floor must meet the following characteristic: that the electrostatic charge is less than 2KW (human sensitivity limit) when the conditions of relative humidity are 25% and 23º C temperature.

Anti-static Vinyl Floor: How You Benefit From It

The main benefit of ESD floors is clear: reducing static discharges in your industry. This type of flooring offers you reliability and free static protection for people and all those electrical devices, no matter how big they are. Beyond avoiding shocks, betting on antistatic flooring offers you other advantages. Among these are benefits such as:

  • High Strength and Durability

Antistatic vinyl flooring is made of reinforced polyurethane material. What this material does is provide great resistance to possible wear, as well as guaranteeing outstanding durability.

  • Low Maintenance

Both when installing antistatic flooring and aftercare are very simple. And it is that this material does not require waxing or polishing every certain time to maintain the original state.The properties of vinyl flooring will make you forget this type of care.

  • Quick and Easy To Clean

Although it seems that it has nothing to do with static discharges, dirt and debris affect the effectiveness of the pavement in the static control. However, reaching this point is difficult due to the ease of cleaning. Simply sweeping or wiping and then mopping the floor will be enough to keep it clean at all times.

Can You Avoid Static Damage Without ESD Flooring?

The best and only way to fight static electricity safely without putting people and machines at risk is to use antistatic vinyl floors. Still, there are a few tricks that minimize static electricity:

  • Increasing the relative humidity of the environment - To do this, use plant, water, humidifiers ...

  • Carry out a local analysis - It will be carried out by an electrical technician who is responsible for checking if there are factors that can cause an increase in electrical conductivity.

  • Carry out a specific cleaning - If you want to avoid static electricity discharges without antistatic floors, cleaning is a key point to achieve this. Applying antistatic products during the cleaning of your industry will reduce the chances of discharge. The softener itself used to wash clothes can be used to carry out this function of cleaning the floor.

Although static electricity can not be avoided without vinyl flooring, it is not a safe fact. Opting for antistatic flooring will make your industry always safe and occupational risks are minimized. You can use the previously mentioned tricks until you proceed to install the floor.

Does The Installation of Anti-Static Flooring Affect Your Industry?

The antistatic flooring is especially suitable when installing flooring for the electronic industry. However, any industry can count on them. When betting on antistatic floors, you will not see the design of your business compromised. And is that vinyl floors adapt in color and design. They are also composed of conductive chips that ensure great performance and durability.

With static vinyl floors, you will get rid of static electricity in an easy way. For the planning of anti-static floors for your office, workshop, store, and other industrial areas, resorting to AccessFloorStore.Com means having qualified and experienced professionals in ESD vinyl flooring of all kinds. Contact us and make your business a safe place for your employees and machinery!

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