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Wood Veneer SPC Floor
Wood Veneer SPC Floor

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Wood Veneer SPC Floor (VSPC Vinyl Floor Plank/Tile)

If you want to have the classic beauty of solid wood, but also want super durable quality, then Veneer Surface SPC Floor (VSPC Planks) is definitely your first choice. This is a type of Rigid Core Vinyl Planks are a dream come true for the people who want to keep the natural beauty of wood floor in wet and high-traffic areas. uses the latest technology to reproduce the complexity of raw wood floors on the vinyl floor texture and beauty, and retain the extraordinary performance and quality for you, which can withstand heavy traffic and wear.

Veneer Surface SPC Floor (VSPC Floor Plank/Tile) is an innovative product based on SPC core and solid wood veneer. It inherits the beauty and texture of natural wood flooring and retains the super abrasion resistance and durability of the SPC Vinyl Floor. Physical properties. Whether you want to use Wood Veneer Vinyl Floor for private residences (including kitchens and bathrooms) or commercial establishments (shopping malls), it can make every room of yours look stylish, elegant, and exquisite for a long time without damage to your wallet.

Wood Surface SPC Floor Specifications

The normal size of the Wood SPC Vinyl Plank is 190*1900mm, the total thickness can be between 6-9mm, and the surface wood veneer thickness is 0.5-2mm.

SpeciesSizeThicknessVeneer ThicknessClick SystemSurface
Oak167x1200mm / 190x1200mm6mm
Black Walnut

Wood Veneer SPC Flooring Structure

The structure of the solid wood veneer SPC floor is slightly different from the usual SPC floor: the surface is UV coating and solid wood veneer, the middle is the SPC rigid core, and the bottom layer has a cold-pressed cushion (usually IXPE film and cork layer are used).

Wood Veneer SPC Vinyl Floor Advantages

The beauty of real hardwood is perfectly combined with the performance of rigid core technology, Wood SPC Floor Tiles have the advantages of both vinyl flooring and wood flooring:

  1. Economical price, extraordinary performance and quality

  2. Anti-scratch, anti-pollution, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant

  3. 100% waterproof and non-slip, can be used in any indoor space

  4. Lock click system, easy to install in any place

  5. Real wood appearance, a variety of textures and colors to choose from

  6. Compared with traditional solid wood flooring, it has better stability

  7. Compared with vinyl flooring, wooden surface brings more comfortable foot feeling

VSPC flooring can be used in every room in the commercial and household fields, such as kitchens, bathrooms, offices, shopping malls, studios, etc. In addition, VSPC flooring is very suitable for the renovation of old houses and can be laid directly without dismantling, so it is suitable for the rapid construction needs of any indoor area. If you are looking for the best floor plan for your house,  as a professional Wood Veneer SPC Vinyl Floor manufacturer, can provide you with support.