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LinFloor JS502 Raised Floor Series
LinFloor JS502 Raised Floor Series

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LinFloor JS501 Low Profile Raised Access Flooring System

JS502 Series is a breakthrough in access floor technologies which is particularly suitable for Office Building where ceiling heights are critically limited. CamassCrete System is good solution for less than 15 cm (6") finished floor height and yet retains sufficient rooms for cable routing under the cable trenches.

JS502 Raised Floor System: 500 x 500 mm Panels & Understructures

JS502 low profile panel is elevated innovation and breakthrough, comparing with traditional access floor system. The new Netfloor-A series has the same advantage of Netfloor panel, but more convenient, environmental protected. Now it is widely used in Japan, Qatar, Bahrain, Korea and other countries.

Trucking for wires is one of the advantages of NF trunking floor. Cover flank covers on basic panel edges after laying wires in trucks. Each panel stands separately, making it very convenient to lie flank cover before or after wires.

  • JS501 Steel Cementitious Panel + Trunking

  • Dimension: 500mm x 500mm x 25mm size raised floor

  • Designed for Office Building application,

  • NF panel is supported by 4 pedestals and flank cap and central cap

Low Profile Cable Management System

  • Module set dimension: 600mm x 600mm.

  • Each module set includes: 1 UniPanel, 1 Base Connector, 1 central Cap and 4 Flank Caps.

Loading Performance

JS502 Series


Concentrated Load (kN, 2.4mm

Uniform Load (kN/m²)

Safety Factor

Softbody Impact (40kg, 1000mm)

Hardbody Impact (4.5kg, 600mm)









  • Environmental protected, economical and recyclable

  • Light weight, ½ to 2/3 of common access floor

  • Good conductivity and air leakage, flexible trucks for wires and cables

  • Specially designed for low finished flooring height