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HIFLOOR Woodcore Raised Floor
HIFLOOR Woodcore Raised Floor

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HIFLOOR Wood Core Raised Access Floor System

HIFLOOR Woodcore Raised Flooring Systems are specified for full spectrum usage due to their very good characteristics and features. In Egypt, whether in the computer rooms of the IT industry or in the office building of the CBD, you can find HIFLOOR Wood Core Access Floor System is contributing reliable services for users.

HIFLOOR Woodcore Raised Flooring Panels are built of high quality chipboard core with underneath galvanized steel reinforcement, which provides exceptionally good load-bearing capacity and non-combustion performance. The HIFLOOR wood raised floor panels to combine with high pressure laminate surface and bolted stringer under structure is also especially indicated for data centers and IT rooms due to its outstanding anti-static performance.

Specification & Structure of HIFLOOR Calcium Sulfate Raised Floor

  • Dimensions (mm): 600mmX600mmX30/40mm size raised floor

  • Panel Core: High density (720kg/m³) anti-flaming chipboard

  • Top Surface finish: High Pressure Laminate, Vinyl or others comply with the client’s requirement

  • Lower Surface: Galvanized steel sheet (aluminum foil) is bonded to the bottom of chipboard

  • Edges: Wrapped with PVC trims

  • System Structure: The panel is screw fixed to the steel pedestals and bolted stringers reaching heights from 75 mm to 2000 mm, perfect sealing property for under-floor air-condition system.

  • Compliant Standards: CISCA Recommended Test Procedures For Access Floors (2007)

Loading Performance

HI-FloorInternationalSize (mm)Fire PerformanceConcentrate loadImpact loadUltimate loadUniform loadRolling load
Wood Core Raised FloorLBNKg10 times10000 times
HIFLOOR HPL Steel Raised Access FloorFS800600 x 600 x 40mmB1≥800≥3350363670112501610035602670


  • Durable and high load performance

  • Prevent static validly, fireproof class B1

  • Antiskid, soundproof, dustproof

  • Strong abrasion resistance, high impact

  • Flexible and convenient for wiring

  • Easy to maintain and cleaning


  • Data centers

  • Computer rooms

  • Control rooms

  • Emergency call centers

  • Communication centers

  • Schools and public buildings

  • Company server rooms

  • Converting stations

  • Offices and workspaces

  • Telecommunication centers