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HIFLOOR Calcium Sulfate Raised Floor
HIFLOOR Calcium Sulfate Raised Floor

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HIFLOOR Calcium Sulfate Raised Access Floor System

HIFLOOR Calcium Sulfate Raised Floor System has been widely used in Egypt, delivering excellent rigidity, load rating, durability, perfect flooring solution for data center, server room, intelligent office and is applicable with almost any areas. HI TOUCH offers trustworthy service including Calcium Sulfate Floor supply, install and maintenance for Egyptian customers.

HIFLOOR Calcium Sulfate Raised Floor Panel uses non-toxic and unbleached plant fiber as the reinforcement material, combined with the calcium sulfate crystal, and made after the pulse pressing process done. For advantages of environment-friendly, fireproof, flatness, strong loading capacity, etc., It has become the latest generation of raised access floor.

Specification & Structure of HIFLOOR Calcium Sulfate Raised Floor

  • Dimensions (mm): 600mm X 600mm X 32mm size raised floor (other sizes on request)

  • Panel Core: High-strength calcium sulphate (calcium silicate or cement particle board) core

  • Top Surface finish: High Pressure Laminate, Vinyl or others comply with the client’s requirement

  • Lower Surface: Galvanized steel sheet (aluminum foil)

  • Edges: Wrapped with PVC trims

  • System Structure: The panel is screw fixed to the steel pedestals and bolted stringers reaching heights from 75 mm to 2000 mm, perfect sealing property for under-floor air-condition system.

  • Compliant Standards: CISCA Recommended Test Procedures For Access Floors (2007)

HIFLOOR Calcium Sulfate Raised Access Floor

Loading Performance

HI-FloorInternationalSize (mm)Fire PerformanceConcentrate loadImpact loadUltimate loadUniform loadRolling load
Calcium Sulfate  FloorLBNKg10 times10000 times
HIFLOOR HPL Steel Raised Access FloorFS800600 x 600 x 32mm A8003350363536112501610035602670
FS1000600 x 600 x 32mmA10004450450670133502300044503560

HIFLOOR Calcium Sulfate Raised Access Floor


  • Environment friendly and recyclable Calcium Sulphate board.

  • Anti-static, high dimensional precision, strong loading ability, and shockproof, fireproof.

  • Adjustable height for the raised floor pedestal, assembly agility, large wire, good exchangeability.

  • Outlet mating, Elegant appearance for paving wildly brand top tiles

  • Waterproof and easy to clean, stable performance in humidity & temperature.


  • Server rooms

  • IT data centers

  • Office buildings

  • Control rooms

  • Workshops

  • Telecommunication centers

  • Other mission-critical facilities

HIFLOOR Calcium Sulfate Raised Access Floor