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Galvanized Steel Chipboard Raised Floor
Galvanized Steel Chipboard Raised Floor

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Galvanized Steel Chipboard Raised Access Floor - Steel Encapsulated Woodcore Floor Panel

Huiya Galvanize Steel Chipboard Raised Floor system (Galvanize Steel Wooden Access Floor) has a good technical characteristics to anti-static, loading and fire rating, combined with benefits of low cost, outstanding functionality and long server time. The interior core of our Galvanize Steel Chipboard Floor Panel is made of high-density chipboard, and the exterior is encapsulated by 0.4mm thick galvanized steel, and the bottom side is coated with 0.4mm thick galvanised steel tray. To ensure its structural integrity, stability and security, the durable Galvanised Steel Encapsulated Chipboard Raised Floor Panels are supported by stable stringers and pedestals.

Galvanized Steel Chipboard Raised Access Floor - Steel Encapsulated Woodcore Floor Panel

Galvanize Steel Chipboard Floor Panel Specifications

  • Panel Core: High density chipboard

  • Steel Encapsulated: Yes

  • Core Depth: 28mm (for place no need high load capacity)/38mm (good load performance)

  • Top Side Surface: Galvanised steel 0.4mm

  • Bottom Side Surface: Galvanised steel tray 0.4mm

  • Load Bearing Capacity: 

Galvanized Steel Chipboard Raised Floor 1000lbs CISCA Standard Test

Concentrated load


Impact Load


Ultimate Load


Uniform Load


Rolling Load






10000 Times









Galvanised Steel Chipboard Access Floor Application

  • IT Workplace: Data Centres, Server Rooms, Computer Rooms, Control Rooms

  • Office Building: Offices, Broadcasting Rooms, Television Studios, Common Rooms, Facilities for Meetings, Court Houses, Stage, and Studio Rooms, Government Buildings

  • Industry: Laboratories and Research Facilities, Power Plants

  • Education: Library Rooms, Research Rooms, School, School of Higher Education

  • Recreation and Culture: Museums, Showrooms, Casinos, Banks, Sales Areas, Shopping Malls

  • Healthcare: Laboratories, Clinics, and Hospitals

Benefits of Using Galvanized Steel Chipboard Raised Floor

  • High quality, outstanding functionality, economy, long service life

  • Maximum rigidity and stability with full steel encasement sealing

  • Galvanised steel encapsulated improve the mechanical resistance of the panel

  • High load bearing capacity, outstanding mechanical strength

  • Fire resistance, moisture resistant, anti-static, impact sound reduction

  • Exclusively sustainable raw material and lowest formaldehyde release class

  • Ease to install, clean and maintain

  • CE marked complying with BS EN 12825 governing panels for use in construction

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