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Epoxy Resin AB Pedestal Adhesive
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Epoxy Resin AB Pedestal Adhesive

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Raised Floor Pedestal Epoxy Resin AB Glue - High-Strength Epoxy Adhesive

AccessFloorStore.Com offers you the high-performance raised access floor pedestal adhesive product to reduce job costs by rapidly curing to a high strength bond. This is a proven high-strength epoxy adhesive for the fixation of the metal pedestal on concrete floors or raised floor installations. Part A is a coloured epoxy compound while Part B is a polyamide curing agent.

Our Floor Epoxy Resin AB Glue Specifications

  • Component A: Epoxy Resin

  • Component B: Polyfunctional Hardener

  • Appearance: A - Transparent Blue Liquid, B - Transparent Liquid

  • Density(g/mL): A≤1.4-1.6 , B≤0.9-1.1

  • Viscosity(mPa·s): A≤6000-8000, B≤500

  • Package: A - 5KG/Plastic Barrel x 3, B - 5KG/Plastic Barrel x 1

  • Mix Ratio: A:B = 3:1

Technical Specifications

  • Solid Content: Exceed 90% by weight

  • Coverage: A set of 7kg of PA100 can fix approximately 100-130 pedestals under normal installation conditions.

  • After Mixing Standard Colour: White and Grey

  • Pot Life: 60-90 minutes at 28℃

  • Hard Set Time: 6 hours at 28℃

  • Full Cure Time: 7 days at 30℃ or 14 days at 20℃

  • Water Resistance: Less than 0.5%absorption within 24 hours immersion

  • Mix Ratio: Part A - Epoxy Resin 4.5 kg, Part B - Curing Agent 2.5 kg

Special Characteristics

  • High-strength adhesion of metal to the concrete floor

  • Light odour does not affect comfortable work environment when the installation is conducted

  • Economic package and high yield in the fixation of the pedestal

  • Coloured adhesive signals easier visibility during the installation of pedestals

Typical Areas for Application

  • Raised floors (Metal, Wood, Glass, Chinaware, Cement Made Product, Plastic)

Compliance to Special Requirements

Indoor Air Quality

  • Odourless

  • Do not support fungus and bacteria growth

  • Do not contain formaldehyde

  • Do not affect the levels of carbon dioxide

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)

  • PA 100 has complied with all requirements of the Architectural Services Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government specification on Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) composition.

  • According to the Architectural Services Department specification, a litre of the solvent-based product can not contain more than 400gms of VOC after the year 2005. The VOC content of Epoxy Mortar is only 100gms per litre.


  • Complies with MOB/PSA strength and stability requirements for pedestals fixed with PA 100.

Storage and Transportation

  • When stored in unopened containers, expect a minimum shelf life of 12-month. Preferably store indoors and keep away from fire. Store and transport as dangerous cargo.

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