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Anti-Static PVC Floor Covering
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Anti-Static PVC Floor Covering

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Looking for raised floor covering or do you want to choose the right floor covering for your applications? offers high-quality Anti-static floor finish PVC with cheap price, provides several styles for your applications, you can also choose the PVC Anti-static floor finishes according to your personal preference or unique requirements among the various texture and styles.

Anti-Static PVC Floor Covering, HuiYa Anti-Static Floor With PVC Finish

HuiYa static dissipative PVC floor finish/covering is designed to control floor static, has a permanent anti-static function because of the conductive static network formed at the interface of plastic particles. Unlike other static dissipative floor finishes, anti-static PVC floor finish has been formulated in a manner that allows it to be an easily maintained floor finish. Its appearance looks like the pattern of marble for a decorative appeal. The products are used in raised access floor designs to make it more suitable for different application environment such as: the program-controlled computer room, computer room, power dispatching room, clean cleaning and anti-static places in telecommunications, electronic power, microelectronics, medicine and other industries.

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HuiYa Anti-Static Floor Finishes PVC Features:

  • Excellent rolling load & ultimate load performance

  • Lightweight cementitious fill makes panels solid and quiet

  • Completely non-combustible

  • Class A flame spread and smoke development rating

  • Wide range of finishes available

What Benefits You Can Get From HuiYa Static Dissipative PVC Floor Finishes:

  • Good surface brightness, no crack, Impact-resistant

  • Excellent strength and toughness performance                  

  • Non-absorbent, Flame-retardant, Abrasive-resistant, Excellent UV resistance

  • Weather resistant, waterproof, acid proof, Resistant to chemicals and corrosion

  • Standardized size, No deformation, reusable, Good insulation

  • Wear-resistant, Pollution-resistant Moisture resistance, Aging-resistant, Anti-static


ESD PVC floor covering is applicable Computer rooms, programmed control equipment rooms, electrical-controlled classrooms, places that have requirements of dust-proof and anti-static, and fields with aerial requirements.





Technical Parameter:

System ResistanceFull lifeHeating Dimension Change RateAbrasionCombustion PerformanceStarting Voltage
BasisDIN51953GJB2605-1996 5000V-50GB4085-83GB4085-83







<2 seconds



<10 seconds



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