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About Glass Mosaic construction method

2021/12/16 18:33:11

What is a Glass Mosaic

Glass Mosaic has the advantages of soft tones, simple, elegant, beautiful, chemical stability, and good cold and heat stability. Moreover, it also has the characteristics of no discoloration, no dust accumulation, light bulk density, strong adhesion, etc. However, mosaics still have their own inevitable shortcomings. The gaps between small Glass Mosaic pieces are large, which are easy to dirty and difficult to clean, and they need to be kept for a long time. The beauty of it takes a lot of effort and time to clean.

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Compared with large ordinary tiles, the small and changeable figure of Glass Mosaic can better adapt to the needs of different spaces and can create various visual effects at will. For the curved surface or corner of the room, it can give full play to the advantages of a small figure, and cover the curved bread smoothly and completely; Glass Glass Mosaic is a decorative art that needs to calm down and study. It has too many combination techniques, so you must grasp the overall style of the space before choosing, and then design a pleasing pattern, and complete the collage work as a mural. Even if there is no pattern, it does not mean that there is no design. The color of the mosaic has a variety of matching methods such as pure color, same color, mixed color, and metallic color. Color mixing is not limited to the combination of blue, green, and white. Bright colors such as emerald green, brilliant yellow, sapphire blue, and pink purple are boldly used to create a bright and lively atmosphere.

Purchase knowledge of glass crystal mosaic

First, for glass Glass Mosaicdecorated with stripes, the distribution area of the decorations should account for more than 20% of the total area, and the distribution should be even.

Second, the back of a single glass mosaic should have jagged or stepped grooves, so that the paving will be firmer.

Third, in addition to ensuring the strength of the paste, the adhesive used should be easily wiped off the glass mosaic, and the adhesive used should not damage the backing paper or change the color of the glass mosaic.

Fourth, under natural light, visually check whether there are cracks, defects, missing edges, and missing corners at a height of about 40 cm from the mosaic.

Fifth, randomly select nine pieces of glass mosaics to form a square, and place them flat in a well-lit place. Visually check whether the gloss is even at a distance of 1.5 meters. If the gloss is not uniform, the overall color will fade in a wet bathroom and damage the appearance of the wall.

10 common sense of maintenance and care of glass mosaic

1. When the shell mosaic is pasted and installed, it can be pasted like other types of mosaics (such as glass, stone, etc.). Paste it with a mixture of white cement and glue, or directly use a ceramic adhesive, etc., and then wipe it clean.

2. Ensure sufficient drying time, generally 24 hours. After the mosaic is completely bonded, fill the gap with a suitable caulking agent and smooth it.

3. Natural marble has various textures and strong decorative effects. The colors and varieties are extremely rich, and different colors can be organically combined into different styles of patterns. Its use range is also extremely wide, such as hotel lobbies, aisles, bathroom and so on.

4. Mosaic can be divided into three categories in terms of material: Ceramic mosaic: You can leave the rough surface without any modification. If it is glazed and fired, it will form a smooth surface. General ceramic mosaics are waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and easy to clean, but their plasticity is not strong, and they are mostly used for exterior walls, kitchens and bathrooms, etc.

5. The water absorption rate is low, which is an element to ensure the durability of the mosaic. Therefore, the water absorption rate must be checked. The water droplets are placed on the back of the mosaic.

6. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the particles have the same specifications and sizes? Are the edges of each small particle neat? Put a single piece of mosaic on a level ground to check whether it is level or not? Whether there is too thick latex layer on the back of the monolithic mosaic.

7. Glass mosaic: Glass mosaic is a safe building material. It is made of natural minerals and glass. It is lightweight, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, and chemical-resistant. It is an outstanding environmentally friendly material. Glass mosaic has two basic characteristics: one is transparency, and the other is reflection. It has bright colors and is designed for better graphics. Its dreamy colors give people a clean and clear enjoyment. It can be widely used in bathrooms and swimming pools, but it is not wear-resistant and is rarely used on general floors.

8. Anti-slip, abrasion resistance, water resistance, strong plasticity and rich colors have made mosaics have an indissoluble bond with the bathroom since its birth. Its strong personality color gives many people an extra choice when decorating the bathroom.

9. For glass mosaic decorated with stripes, the distribution area of its decorations should account for more than 20% of the total area, and the distribution should be even.

10. In addition to ensuring the strength of the paste, the adhesive used should also be easily scrubbed off the glass mosaic. The adhesive used should not damage the backing paper or discolor the glass mosaic.