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The Five Perfect Bathroom Vinyl Flooring Styles

2021/6/6 0:34:04

We’ve come up with a long list of bathroom vinyl flooring based on multiple factors.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get right to it so you can pick your favorite bathroom flooring.

The perfect bathroom vinyl flooring and its varied styles

1. Types of bathroom vinyl flooring

  • Sheet Vinyl – Evolved over the years with super-flooring qualities, the sheet vinyl rolls are affordable and every homeowner’s favorite. They are water-resistant, provide good foot grip, have versatile styles, and are easy to install. 

  • Waterproof Vinyl – The waterproof vinyl flooring comes in wood-look planks (WPC) or stone-look tiles (SPC). They come with 100% waterproofing features which make them the most sought-after flooring option.

  • Bathroom Tile – Tiles have been around for a long time and they are still preferred today. They come in wood or stone-look, porcelain, and ceramic. Real marble tiles, however, are preferred by those who can afford them.

  • Waterproof Carpets and Rugs – These were used the most for many years and are still being used. They provide comfort and warmth. However, we recommend a regular wash and sun-drying. They absorb high amounts of moisture and can develop a stench, and mold, if not maintained regularly. The future probably sees waterproof carpets and rugs.

  • Waterproof Laminate – Laminate flooring that mimics the hardwood-look is 100% waterproof. These were initially only used for basements and kitchens. Now, waterproof laminates are being used in bathrooms too.

2. Flooring Looks

  • Marble-Look – The marble-look flooring is something that stays at the back of the mind. This is an option that will always be considered when choosing bathroom flooring. It gives a luxurious look along with multiple styles and patterns. Note that this look of flooring is not real marble, which would be very expensive.

  • Wood-Look – We’ve mentioned WPC as one of the preferred types of bathroom flooring. We’re discussing it here again because wood-look specifically is a favorite choice of many. So, this waterproof laminate or wood-look plank also comes under flooring looks.

  • Stenciled-Designed – These are sometimes ceramic encaustic tiles that seem custom-made as they look hand-crafted. They’re not but this is the vibe stenciled tiles give out. They come in different shapes, and patterns, and are quite pleasing to the eye for contemporary design lovers.

3. Flooring Colors

  • Cool Blue – Welcome to a pleasant morning of the cool and brighter blues. They come as a nice color pop and complement the décor around.

  • Gray – Available in gray wood and stone-look, these tiles can grow on you. They depict a strong presence and bring together all the other colored décor in the bathroom.

  • White Bathroom – White makes a room look bigger. Hence, white flooring will enhance the spacious look of your bathroom. You can add other colored elements too that will blend well with white floors.

  • Black and White – Would you like a game of chess? Maybe you prefer a checkerboard look on the floor. Whichever it might be, black and white tiles provide a neutral but pleasant hint in the bathroom.

  • Blonde Wood – Light and breezy! This blonde wood-look flooring gives the bathroom a clean, classic, and contemporary look. Let the sunlight from the window fall onto this floor; the aura of the bathroom will bless your day.

4. Layout and Pattern

  • Geometric – Ranging from arabesque to round, triangle, and diamond, geometric patterns; these have long been a favorite.

  • Chevron and Herringbone – These are angular-shaped mosaic designs. The herringbone pattern is preferred in wood-look planks. However, both chevron and herringbone patterns can come in stone-look tiles.

  • Hexagon – Small, mosaic hexagon tiles are the most classic-looking floors available. They come in different colors which makes it an interesting option.

  • Wide Plank – These tiles are used for smaller bathrooms to make them look less busy, more open, and larger. Their wide-shaped look gives a very modern look to the bathroom.

  • Large tiles – Long, rectangle tiles just like wide planks have found their way into bathrooms. Why? They make a bathroom look bigger and spacious.

  • Subway – Subway wall tiles look good on the floor too, especially the bathroom floor. These are slip-resistant and create a vintage look.

5. Texture and Finish

  • Wire-brushed – These subtle, intentional wire scratches leave the bathroom floor looking characteristic of a beach house. Their wood-look is immensely bold and trendy at the same time.

  • Matte and Honed – Matte and honed surfaces are less reflective as compared to their glossy-tiled counterparts. These surfaces are slip-resistant.

  • Smooth limestone – The smooth stone-look shares white limestone imagery. You can’t get your eyes off them once you enter the bathroom.

  • General Textured – Simply textured to avoid slipping in the bathroom. So, we’ve got looks with usefulness here that grace its saving presence as the bathroom flooring.

  • Hand-scraped – These are wood-look planks and they come in tile formats too. Their textured hand-scraped designs will give the bathroom a timeless vintage look. What’s more, is that these are affordable even though they vibe with luxury.

  • Distressed – Planks or tiles that represent the distressed look give out wear and tear feel. They share an antique and aged look like scrapes, burns, knots, wormholes, and more.

Which among the above was your favorite? It’s time to take your pick. Happy showering!