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Carpet Could Be A Ideal Covering For Office Raised Access Floor | Office Flooring Ideas

2020/5/30 9:28:47

The great advantage of carpets is that it provides acoustic comfort and for this reason, they are widely used in offices, especially for the office raised floor system. It is still common for people to have a certain negative image of carpets, as in the past the product was of lower quality and did not attribute as many technologies as it currently does. Nowadays, we find carpets with nylon threads and that is installed cleanly and very easily. In addition, there are other reasons why carpets can make your project even more elegant and functional!

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Benefits (Advantages) Of Carpets For Office Raised Floor System

Carpets have always been controversial when it comes to flooring coverings. Despite containing several advantages, many misunderstandings still circulate around the carpets and end up generating several doubts when choosing or not these carpet coverings. Before choosing the best raised flooring covering for your environment, be it residential or corporate, it is important to be aware of all the correct information. Below are the main benefits of using Huiya carpet for your office access floor.

Huiya Raised Floor Carpets Promote Thermal and Acoustic Comfort

Our raised floor carpets for office have great acoustic and thermal comfort for the environment. In addition, they guarantee acoustic comfort, since they muffle the propagation of sounds. For these assignments, they are an excellent alternative for bedrooms, living rooms and offices.

Huiya Raised Floor Carpets Reduce Dust and Hard Causes Allergy

It may seem strange, but carpets are excellent for anyone with an allergy. After all, dust that carries dust mites that cause allergies, and with carpets they get trapped in the carpet fibers until they are vacuumed. Therefore, in a carpeted environment it contains less dust floating in the air and thus lessening the effects of allergies.

Huiya Raised Floor Carpets Reduce The Risk of Falls

Carpets for office raised floor do not have a smooth surface, which absolutely is non-slip. In addition, in the event of an accident or a fall in the environment, the likelihood of a serious accident is lower, as carpets contain a softer surface.

Huiya Raised Floor Carpets Are Economic Cleaning

Just like any other type of flooring, periodic cleaning of carpets is necessary. To keep clean, in addition to keeping the carpet more beautiful, it reduces the need for future maintenance. Effective vacuum aspiration keeps the dirt level of the carpets to a minimum. In the entrances and areas of great circulation of people a daily aspiration must be done. In areas with little circulation of people, such as meeting rooms, dust can be vacuumed once a week.

Huiya Raised Floor Carpets are Easy To Install and Maintain

Because they are smaller in size, raised floor carpet tiles are easier to install, move and lift. If any type of accident occurs, such as a fall of chemicals, paint or any type of product that will damage the carpet, it is much simpler to replace the damaged tiles, compared to the roll carpet that makes the process more difficult. The maintenance of carpet tiles is simpler and the cost is lower than other models, since only some tiles may need replacement or restoration if they are damaged. Because it is very easy to remove, makes it very easy to access to the raised floor for maintaining and cleaning.

Huiya Raised Floor Carpets Create Creative Pages and Won’t Out of Date

With a wide range of colors, textures, patterns, designs, with carpets it is possible to develop creative and full of personality in the corporate environment. You can also bet on the mix of coverings like vinyl floors + carpet to make the transition from one place to another.

If you want to know more about the office carpet or want to find the best floor plan for your office, contact us now, HUIYA will provide you with the most economical office floor system!