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Huiya Office Raised Floors Compliant CISCA Loading Test & ASTM E84, ASTM E136, BS 475 Fire Tests

2020/5/6 17:54:14

No matter what kind of environment is used, high loading capacity and great fire-resistant performance are the keys for raised floors to guarantee safe application, so every raised access floor panel must meet specific secure specifications in design and production. 

HUIYA Office Raised Floor With Great Loading & Fireproof Certified

HUIYA's office raised floors are produced in strict accordance with industry standards and meet (pass) the internationally recognized CISCA Loading Test, as well as ASTM E84, ASTM E136, BS475 fire tests to ensure the long-term safety of each office flooring project which used our raised floor systems.

CISCA Loading Test

CISCA (Ceiling & Interior systems Construction Association) - BS EN 12825/Recommended Test Procedures For Access Floors

Huiya Raised Floor CISCA Loading Test - Meet The Required Loading Capacity

CISCA Loading Test is the most authoritative industry production standard of Raised Floor loading performance. In order to obtain the most comprehensive characteristics of the access floor being tested, CISCA “Recommended Test Procedures for Access Floors” provides a full range of test procedures which are user-oriented and represent sound engineering principles, covering from the various access floor accessories to the most important loading performance criteria of the raised floor. 

Huiya conducts Concentrated Load, Ultimate Load, Uniform Load, Drop Impact Load, Rolling Load and other tests on our Office Raised Floor products in strict accordance with CISCA test standards to ensure that each panel can meet specific load standards.

CISCA Loading Tests - Huiya Raised Floor.png

ASTM E 84-05 Fire Test

Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials

Huiya Office Raised Floor ASTM E 84-05 Test Result - ASTM E 84: Flame Spread 0 - Smoke Formation 0

ASTM E84-05 is the 10-min fire-test response method is approved for use by agencies in the Department of Defense for classification in the DoD Index of Specifications and Standards. The purpose of the test is to provide a comparative measurement of the surface diffusion of the flame and the development of smoke from the materials with those of red oak and a reinforced cement panel under specific fire exposure conditions. Through the ASTM E-84 test, both the Flame Spread Index (FSI) and Smoke Developed Index (SDI) are reported for a given sample. The American standard NFPA 255 / ASTM E 84 / ASTM E-84 is an extremely demanding test, probably the strictest in the States -United, because it also evaluates the production of smoke.

Huiya place a raised floor panel sample 0.5m wide by 7.3m long in a long brick tunnel. During the unbonded test, the fabric is supported by a mesh. The sample is subjected to the flames coming from the U-shaped burner illustrated in the front view, for 10 minutes. During the 10 minutes of the test, the diffusion of the flame on the surface of the sample and the density of the resulting smoke are measured and recorded. Through the test, we measured how quickly and to what extent the flame diffuses on our office raised floor panels, and got the calculation to Class 1 (The best) for both Flame Spread Index (FSI) and Smoke Developed Index (SDI).

ASTM E 136-04 Fire Test

Standard Test Method for Assessing Combustibility of Materials Using a Vertical Tube Furnace at 750°C

Huiya Office Raised Floor ASTM E 136-04 Test Result - The panel is classified as fireproof

To meet the requirement of highly recognized building codes like the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Building Code (IBC), the use of noncombustible materials is necessary for building, especially flooring. ASTM E136 fire test forms an integral part of construction, engineering, and material manufacturers’ decision-making processes, is considered as the widely accepted way for determining which materials may be U.L. listed and/or recognized as noncombustible building materials. 

Huiya commissioned a Chinese SGS agency to perform this test certification on our Office Raised Floor, use a furnace to expose test specimens of our access floor panel to a temperature of 750 ° C (1382 ° F), and passing the test and getting the following result:

ASTM E 136 Fire Test - Huiya Raised Floor.png

BS 476-4 Fire Tests 

Fire tests on building materials and structures. Non-combustibility test for materials

BS 476-4 Fire Tests (British Standard 476 Part 4 Fire Tests) specifies a method of test for determining whether materials, with or without coatings, used in construction or finishing of buildings meet the degree of fire resistance. The British Standards Institution (BSI) is the UK National Council that provides the organization, facilities, and structure for the preparation of national standards. BS 476 is its professional fire protection standard for building materials and structures. Part 4 of BS 476 is a test standard for fire resistance of building materials widely recognized by European countries, complies with European and American regulations.

Huiya highlights the BS 476 regulation that establishes fire propagation test tests for construction materials and structures, such as industrial fabrics for welding, fire screens, fireproof blankets, etc. Our office access floor is an exceptional fire and temperature barrier due to its fireproof core and inorganic coating. The fire performance of the Huiya office raised floor panel has been evaluated in accordance with various standard tests:

Want to find the safest and most reliable solution for your office project? Contact us now, HUIYA flooring can definitely meet all your needs and comply with your local regulations.